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bi-monthly NBRC bulletin

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Apr 13, 2009
8:12 PM
I don't know if Tony would allow this post but if can delete it, Tony. Sorry.

Just wondering did you guys (NBRC members) get your bi-monthly NBRC bulletin yet?

It is near the end of April and I haven't receive mine yet.

when I cull, I pretend I am a ninja

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Tony Chavarria
Site Publisher
3243 posts
Apr 13, 2009
8:32 PM
I bet the guys who put it together are working hard to get them out. Be patient, it'll get there. :-)
FLY ON! Tony Chavarria
41 posts
Apr 13, 2009
8:44 PM
The NBRC Publisher has to scrounge each time to gather material such as filler articles and reused stuff because he doesn't get the support from the membership by sending in articles to publish. So take some time out from posts, etc. and send some articles about your club, share knowledge, pictures, or something positive about the hobby. Then maybe he can get the bulletin out in a more timely manner. Support is the key!
I point the finger at myself as well as I don't send stuff in as often as I should for the Las Vegas area.
Sincerely, Don M. Mac's Rollers
31 posts
Apr 13, 2009
8:56 PM
Thanks for the clarification guys.

when I cull, I pretend I am a ninja
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Apr 14, 2009
10:19 PM
Yes Ralph, It is free. I'm not sure if you have to even be an NBRC member to have an article published. Not every article I have sent in has got published and I have always been a member. Bob Simpson is the publishing editor. Send your articles to Don't get frustrated if it takes an issue or 2 to show up. With all the members and knowledge to share it seems more people would send articles in. Again, I could do better on that end myself! Thanks, Don M. Mac's Rollers LVRC

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