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Fireball roller origination

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Jul 01, 2006
1:52 PM
does any body know the origination or the fire ball roller, I'd like to know a little about this family of rollers and who or what club started it..
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Jul 01, 2006
5:00 PM
Try Tony's other site
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Jul 01, 2006
8:22 PM
The fireball roller originated with Dr. James Graham. Dr. Graham had a cock named fireball that was a descendant of the Whitingham family of rollers. James Graham imported many birds from the Whitinghams in the early 1900's. These birds would roll very deep with good style and fly for hours. Dr. Graham lost fireball and used his son to ensure that all of his birds had some of Fireballs bloodline and eventually he was succesful in doing this. I raised fireballs in the late 60's from Dr. C.N Nordlund. Dr. Nordland was the president of the Fireball Roller Club. Bill Yurga of Long Beach was also a great Fireball breeder in the west coast of California.

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Jul 04, 2006
4:54 AM
I purchased 19 Fireball Rollers from a man named Harry Ashcraft of Ohio (I think it was Akron) in 1982 and was wondering was he still breeding & training Fireballs?

Some of these were exceptionally deep (60ft-80ft) range and flew rather high. I had a problem with kitting and frequency, but the rolling depth was the deepest I ever came across in my 25 years with roller pigeons.

I was wondering does anyone out there know where I can contact Harry Ashcraft of Ohio (if he's still alive)?

Marcus ===>

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