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The Practical Roller Man Series

Tony Chavarria

Here are many practical hints, tips, and thoughts that can save you time, money and basically help you master the roller pigeon hobby.

  Mix Your Own Medications?

Here is a chart that you may find useful if you need to mix and measure products that use the metric measuring system in their instructions and want to convert them to the more familiar common usage terms of measuring:


  Eggs Not Hatching - Squabs Dying

With the arrival of the Spring season there is some level of disappointment when eggs don’t hatch and squabs die in the nest. Not including disease the primary reason this happens is that for one or both parents this is the first time they have had a nest. Sometimes with that first round or two some pairs just don’t have the right inclination to properly set on the eggs and squabs and provide proper feeding despite the fanciers best efforts to provide good loft conditions.

  Breeding Quality Bird?

Below is a question that was asked on my discussion site and the answer I provided. Later I got to thinking about what the question really meant in regards to the guy’s thinking behind the question and so I just want to tell newcomers that a roller pigeon’s expression of ability does not exist in a static state – that it is actually “dynamic” in that it is in a constant state of change whether for good or bad.

  Why A Young Team Lands Too Early

A frustrating problem for newer roller guys is when a young bird team does not want to stay up and fly past 10 or 15 minutes. The development of the team is stunted and even some birds can develop bad habits that can ruin them as kit birds.


  The Rabbit Hole

I found this really interesting link to a PDF file while surfing the interwebz that I want to direct you to regarding the “hole” as it relates to our roller pigeons. While I can appreciate the thought and effort applied to this topic by its authors, I think describing it, as a rabbit hole would be a more apt description (tongue in cheek).



  Proper Level Of Protein Critical For Young Roller Kits

Protein builds muscle and allows a young bird to develop physically while increasing flying stamina. So MORE protein while younger and then backed off as bird becomes more physically mature at about 6 to 7 months of age.



  Calm Disposition Key Trait In Good Rollers

Here are some brief thoughts regarding calm disposition in roller pigeons. My personal observations of 26 years in roller pigeons have led me to the conclusion that a key component in a top roller is it having a calm disposition and breeding toward this trait is a good idea.



  Egg Incubation And Squab Size Disparity

Pigeon eggs typically hatch on the 18th to 19th day of incubation. The hen lays the first egg then skips one day to lay the 2nd egg on the third day. I like to see the hen not actually start incubating the egg but just sort of “hover” over the first egg preventing the egg from getting chilled but also not starting the actual incubation process so that when the second egg arrives, they hatch either on the same day or hatch 2 days in a row.


  The Aerial Standard

It is important that a new roller fancier fully understands and grasps the significance of the Aerial Standard coined by Lewis Wright over a hundred years ago as it informs what we desire to see in a true Birmingham Roller deserving of the name.

Comprehension of the Aerial Standard should shape our experience, inform our decisions and make our breeding and flying goals crystal clear. It has done so for countless fanciers for over 100 years. In the end, a new fancier will never go wrong in seeking to fill his loft with true Birmingham Rollers.




  Roller Pigeon Housing

Housing for pigeons can range from a simple weekend do-it-yourself project using re-purposed wood and hardware all the way up to a professional breeding loft costing thousands of dollars. For the purposes of this lesson, we will only point out and consider both the needs of the pigeons and fancier as they relate to basic needs and basic care of the pigeons. The actual design will depend on your resources and desire for simple or esthetics or both.