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Tony Chavarria Profile

I worked as an operations manager in business development for a major commercial Southern California fire alarm installation company. In 2005 my wife and I decided it was a good time to sell our home and relocate to the Missouri countryside and pursue a business based on my hobby of raising the Birmingham Roller pigeon.

Pigeons have been a companion to man for thousands of years providing fun and relaxation in a simple and organic manner. I took my boyhood hobby and pursued it as a way to relax while employed in a stressful and high responsibility environment. My goal is to breed and maintain "true" Birmingham Rollers.

My roller pigeon experience started as a teenager in the 1970's in Paramount California and I started up again in 1993 with the foundation of birds whose decendants I now call Ruby Rollers™. I wrote a very popular publication titled "How To Breed Better Rollers" of which I have sold literally thousands of copies worldwide. Except for Delaware I have shipped Ruby Rollers to every state in the USA since 2004 and export worldwide. We have literally shipped thousands of our Ruby Rollers throughout the USA!

I have also sold pigeon supplies, published and moderated a popular roller discussion forum since 2004, provide phone and web support to hundreds of roller fanciers with questions about breeding and flying rollers to disease and pigeon products, On occassion I publish the Roller Pigeon Digest newsletter. I also develop concepts for DVD's on the Birmingham Roller.

My practical pigeon experience is extensive. I want to share some of that knowledge with both new and experienced roller pigeon fanciers in the hopes that they can have a more rewarding and fun experience with roller pigeons both on and offline.