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In our effort to promote the Birmingham Roller, our Site Search feature taps into the the entire contents of this site. You can search all our previous discussion topics such as: breeding, health and disease, color rollers, aerial standard, competition, loft and kit box design and example pictures, virtually any topic related to the roller pigeons and hobby.

By selecting the Image tab your search will pull up pictures related to your search. You can look up pictures of pigeons, lofts and kit boxes, waterers and feeders and even perches.

You can search the topics of thousands of posts from the ORIGINAL All Roller Talk discussion database started in January 2004 and which ran until 2010. It contains well over 100,000 posts. A very unique database available at your finger tips. Everything you could ever want to know about the Birmingham Roller Pigeon is contained in these pages.

Instructions: Just type in the topic key word or phrase and press enter. Here are a few key word ideas to help you get started searching the site archives. These archives consist of articles, newsletters, pictures, discussion threads dating all the way back to January 2004 to today:

* feeding rollers

* kit boxes

* breeding

* disease

* flying kit birds

* color rollers

* hard colors

* roller strains

* bird of prey

* competition

Try your own set of key words or phrases and see what you come up with!