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The Original All Roller Talk Discussion Board Archive > Tim Decker birds got Stolen
Tim Decker birds got Stolen

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1131 posts
Sep 09, 2010
10:28 PM
Just heard that Time Decker birds got stolen which was really bad news. I can't imagine someone will do that specially to Tim who is a very nice guy. If any one knows anything please let Tim know. If they knew how much time and dedication it takes to create a family. Even with Tim birds who ever took them they wont be able to do nothing with them. Is not as easy as they think it's. Ones they start flying them everyone knows how Tim birds are and how they perform. Sooner or later they will be known the persons that took them.

Last night some of our finest pigeon stole all of Tim's stock Hens some of his stock Cocks, also some kit birds. This kind of shit need to stop, If someone wants birds from Tim, he is one of the most generous people in the hobby. Some one out there knows who did this, get the bastard to return his birds.We had over a 100 people in his yard two weeks ago, and 25 or so last Saturday for the BRU fly. If this kind of thing continues all this events will come to a end.We need to put an end to this kind of BS.


Salas Loft
705 posts
Sep 09, 2010
11:07 PM
where was tim at this time?
no dogs?
its someone that tim knows.

2715 posts
Sep 10, 2010
4:42 AM
Now that is real FU#*@D up! They are destroying the mans work, they will not be able to do what he does with them anyway. Guys, if you know who did it please let the man know. How would you if they hit you?
Sal Ortiz
Rick Mee
94 posts
Sep 10, 2010
5:30 AM
Put together some reward money through donations, get that reward money up high enough so that someone's mother would tell on them. Serious! I hear it is up to $1,000 now, get it up higher, I will pitch in!
2337 posts
Sep 10, 2010
7:58 AM
How sad. You invite people to your backyard and you end up with a dagger in your back. What a shame.

765 posts
Sep 10, 2010
12:48 PM
Sad! I have never understood why someone would do this kind of crap to someone. I agree it was done by someone who was familiar with the birds and familiar with the property.
I know when we have a fly, we want to trust our fellow fanciers and show off our set up but unfortunately we need to start paying more attention to who we are letting on our property. Acts like this are an insult to all of us not just the person whose birds were stolen. I can remember as a kid living in New York, having to stand on the street watching birds for months before the owner felt safe to let me on the roof to see his set up.
We need to band together and keep an eye out for the birds. They will eventually surface but unfortunately there will be the dishonest few who will take them knowing full well that they were probably stolen.
I wish Tim the best of luck in getting his birds back.
Let's make sure we are the solution to the problem and not contributors!


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2531 posts
Sep 10, 2010
6:17 PM
I noticed all the steel on the loft windows and doors when we were out at the convention in LA. It's hard to believe that one or more of the guys attending was casing the flyers lofts to see who he could rip off the easiest. This hobby is getting to the point where top flyers will refuse to take the chance and put their birds up for conventions and local flys. Most of us here in North Carolina have been hit, but most of it has been cherry-picking a few good birds that we bragged about with a crowd in the yard.I think Clay Hoyle was hit the hardest and they nearly wiped him out like Tim. I hope we don't lose Tim. He must be very discouraged. I'll add $500 to the reward for an arrest or return of his birds. Somebody, PLEASE, nail this son-of-a-bitch.

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1135 posts
Sep 10, 2010
7:57 PM
This is one of the saddest days for the hobby that I have ever seen. We all need to stand together to solve this issue of responsibility for this crime. Not only is it a crime, but it is very destructive to roller competition. I don't want to see the work of not only Tim, but of all who fly rollers to suffer from the sick greed of the person or persons who did this.

Like Cliff, I will offer a $500 reward for information that leads to an arrest or return of his birds. And if I'm counting right the reward is up to $3, far.

Paul G

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64 posts
Sep 10, 2010
8:54 PM
I will keep my eyes open on this end ,south central los angeles.,watts area. I feel that if some one got Tim birds it will come to light real soon.I'm looking at the BRU lawn show bird auction flyer paper at this momment shceduled from may 15th 2010.I had to work that day so i could not make it to the show Tim was one of the judges at that show . If any of our RPDC MEMBERS see Tim our talk to him let him know we are sad and care about the out come. What is tim band name for his birds.I will be on the look out.

Bigbull flying solo south los angeles ca.

ps $200.00 reward for information leads to an arrest for Tim birds.

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Tony Chavarria
Site Publisher
4208 posts
Sep 11, 2010
4:11 AM
This is SAD!!!! But it is sooo awesome to see the roller community stand in support of Tim.

Cliff, here is an idea, couldn't somebody setup a situation where there could be a no questions asked return of the birds for the reward? Perhaps the thief could give them to a friend of his who could return them for the reward? At least Tim might be able to get the birds back??

Tony Chavarria

"If the talent of ridicule were employed to laugh men out of vice and folly, it might be of some use to the world; but instead of this, we find that it is generally made use of to laugh men out of virtue and good sense, by attacking everything that is solemn and serious, decent and praiseworthy in human life." Joseph Addis
Sammy W
43 posts
Sep 11, 2010
9:05 AM
Tony,that sounds to me to be the best route to go.No one is going to give the birds back and have their name made known throughout the roller community as a theif.Remember that the thing is to get Tim's birds back.
1136 posts
Sep 11, 2010
10:52 AM
QSDC Magazine has a phone # that can be used to anonymously call in information about the theft. It is 661-965-0929.

There may be questions about if offering a reward is the best thing to do, but I think the main issue is to get Tim's birds back, but we wouldn't want the thief to still profit from his act. How would we know that the thief himself (or one of the thieves) is not the one returning the birds?

If nobody is identified as the thief, we would have to go forward distrusting others and probably putting limits on the visitors to these flys.

Cliff, if the Cherry Picker Thief you described was never discovered, how did it affect your competitions?

Paul G

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313 posts
Sep 11, 2010
11:51 AM
As I posted on some of the other sites I will offer $500 for the return of Tim's birds. I can be reached 24/7 at (702)348-8200. This is terrible for the hobby and more importantly Tim is a good friend of mine. Anything that affects friends and family I take affirmitive action and hope the SOB suffers the consequences. Tim, Randy Gibson, and J V Broek have welcomed me in their homes and backyards from the first day I met them and have supported me in the hobby and as a friend. I had my birds stolen in 1995 and whenever I hear of this happening it brings the sting back. As JV put it, this type of thing will destroy the hobby. Tim opens his home to the convention, and participated in numerous flies this year with QSDC. To have this happen is inexcusable and cannot be tolerated. I have met my best friends by inviting them to my home and backyard, as well as doing them doing the same for me. To not be able to comfortably welcome new people to my yard is not a good feeling and not what the hobby should be about. I hope the SOB's get caught. Call me with info and you can remain anonymous. If Tim gets his birds back then $500 cash goes in your pocket, no questions asked.
2533 posts
Sep 11, 2010
2:59 PM
It's available, but like Samy said, it is unlikely that someone would step forward and admit to it.

It hasn't set anyone back so far that we couldn't recover. Clay is doing better than ever and he got hit the hardest. Joe Bob lost his top two key stock cocks...Jay Yandle his top stock Andalusian cock....I lost the fastest pair of Andalusians that I ever raised while I was away at an NBRC Convention. We are all still very competitive, as most of us had enough good birds left to keep going. But who knows what would have happened had these birds remained.

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donnie james
1163 posts
Sep 11, 2010
3:24 PM
not to be a smart a** tim needs him a gard dog and he need to put in front of the lofts
Donny James
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19 posts
Sep 12, 2010
10:11 AM
Tim Decker, one of the NBRC's finest breeders, competitors and Good Will Ambassadors--thrown down in his own yard, handcuffed and very roughfully arrested because there was a hawk trap in his yard--merely trying to protect his flock as a shepard would. Probably no one will be arrested unless there is a tip handed to them--then will he be roughed up?
Is it just me?
153 posts
Sep 15, 2010
11:41 PM
Has there been any word on Tims birds? Is he still going to raise rollers?
2536 posts
Sep 16, 2010
5:25 AM
I spoke with Tim. He is going to pick up the pieces and move forward as best he can. He's a good man.
769 posts
Sep 16, 2010
9:00 AM
Glad to hear that Tim has decided to ride out the storm. I heard he was very generous with his birds and gifted many fanciers with quality stock. Hopefully the recipients of his generosity will reciprocate the favor and help Tim get back on his feet.

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