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147 posts
Sep 04, 2010
9:02 PM
Hey folks. Is there anyone here breeding parlor rollers?
I was just curious how well of parents they are and who has some good performers?
The falcons have just tore my birminghams to pieces this year. I raised 90 and am down to 28.
I was just looking into parlor rollers as a possible breed to replace the birminghams with and was looking for any information that was out there on them. Just thought i still could enjoy rollers just on the ground and not in the air and my losses with parlors would be about zero to predators.
33 posts
Sep 06, 2010
11:55 AM
I have been raising them for 3 years now.As far as parents they do great.Some pais do tend to be "fair weather" breeders and do abandon eggs or very young squabs on occasion real early in the year if the weather gets bad.Living in Iowa we try to time it so when the weather has straightened out they aren't covering their young. My daughter and I compete with them and our birds have done very well.We do keep ours in individual coops(bookself style) that are 2'tall,2' deep and 4' long.In this size space they usually don't roll at all unless very startled.
I made 8"x8" nesting boxes I can sit over paper nesting bowl and they have worked great.

My e-mail is if you want to talk more them. Oh, had a Cooper hanging around our place last Winter,no lost birds ;)
148 posts
Sep 06, 2010
9:27 PM
markw, thanks for your e-mail address.
I will e-mail you later this week sometime, about questions on parlors.
34 posts
Sep 07, 2010
2:39 PM
Hey PB,
I will be out of town and away from the net til Tuesday of next week.I will get back to you then.
159 posts
Sep 15, 2010
10:56 PM

I've just bred about 50 parlors from 03/2010 till my last round this month. Bred yellows, almonds, bluechecks,tortoise shells, dunn's, lace, opal's, reds, kite's, grizzle's, and some blue-almonds.
Have you ever been to a competition event of parlors? If you haven't, wow as all I can say. To see these birds do there thing is awesome.
My name is Paul Ramirez, email for further info.
The family that I bred from is: directly from the master himself: Paul Gamino,world record holder at 1037 feet & 3 inches & from Richard Rangel that go back to the original Peter Family, known for not turning off the switch.
152 posts
Sep 15, 2010
11:36 PM
Paul, thanks for the info, my e-mail is
When you get a chance e-mail me alittle more about your parlors if you could.
154 posts
Sep 16, 2010
7:23 PM
Paul i sent you a private e-mail
Mark for some reason i cant get through to yours.
160 posts
Sep 19, 2010
11:05 PM
Hey Mike,
I figure what the problem were having. You have Spam block and wont allow the email's to get through to you. I've tried several ways, but with no luck.

Paul Ramirez
155 posts
Sep 19, 2010
11:51 PM
Paul, i will see what i can do and send you a test e-mail when i think it will work.
Thanks for your efforts.
gentle johnnie
203 posts
Sep 22, 2010
1:42 PM
Paul I live in Texas do they have any comp. in my area. and about how much would a pair of good breeders cost. hope this OK Tony U don't have palors do U.
Gentle Johnnie "Angels of the Sky Loft"

Last Edited by on Sep 22, 2010 1:45 PM
161 posts
Sep 26, 2010
10:53 AM

Im sure there is competitions in that area. I would have to look at what members of the APRA: American Parlor Roller Association member list or hit me up on my email

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