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Bill C
542 posts
Aug 29, 2010
5:39 PM
I am most confident this will be my last year with rollers. I have enjoyed them greatly. I have not been able to fly as much as I would like to this year. But time is so short.
You might all lose repect for me but that is not what I live for anyway. God kept track of time in the Bible and has revealed in his word the rapture will be May 21, 2011.

Gen 5:3 Adam was 130 when Seth was born, Seth was 105 when Enos was born..... Lamech was 182 when Noah was born, Noah was 500 when Shem was born. Why does God say Adam was 130 when Seth was born and not the other children? Why does God say How old Noah was with Shem but no age is given with Ham or Japeth the other two sons? Because God himself kept track of time. I would be happy to answer any questions you have, email me and I will send you my phone number or check out or I know this has nothing to do with flying birds except the fact that we are in the last 9 months of the world begins judgment day. There is much to be said about "NO man knows the day or hour". We do not know the exact day, just the time May 21st, 2011.
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Aug 29, 2010
6:27 PM
Bill - Man has predicted this countless times and every time he has been wrong.

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Aug 29, 2010
6:31 PM
This is not a site about religion, politics or spiritual beliefs. It is a site for roller pigeons. Lots of sites to preach religion and politics. I am going to remove myself from Earls for just this reason...everyone is talking about politics. Lots of sites for religions to discuss there issues.

Bill you could easily change your post to ...I am getting out of pigeons....for my own personal reasons.

I DONT NEED TO BE PREACHED TO>...You are a friend Bill and I respect you growing up in my same town. But dont push your beliefs on other people. Let people make there own choices.

I am American Indian and my beliefs are far different then yours...but I have yet preached about my beliefs.

Many on this site are catholic, Mormon, Buhdist, Muslim...they dont preach.

Bill I am sorry for being straight forward...but I come to this site for pigeon guidance not spiritual.

I come to this site to escape the other issues in the world and m own stresses in life....I get enough of this through news and TV...and door knockers...

Rock and ROLL


If this site goes political or religious I too will be off this site...

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146 posts
Aug 29, 2010
6:32 PM
Hopefully the bible ment all raptors time would be May 21, 2011
Bill C
543 posts
Aug 29, 2010
9:21 PM
3757, I dont suppose this will not last long, but in 1994? was a signifficant date. It was a 50 year Jubalee period and Christ was born on a 50 Jubalee period 7 B.C. Also it was exactly 2000 years from Christs birth but it did have a ? mark with 1994? it was never 100% because there was too many circumstantial evidence. This is not the same. It is in the Bible 100% I realize that 100% of predictions have all been 100% wrong, this is not a prediction, it is in the Bible for those who believe the Bible alone is the word of GOD.

Paul, there has been sports and many other things on all the web sites. I am not cramming anything down your throat or anyone elses. Sorry that it affends you, but I am to warn the world with many others. Ezekiel 3: 17-19 You do not have to read anything I post. In fact there are manytimes when I would not read a post because I didn't think it was necessary to read myself.

Come May 21st 2011, there will be a huge earthquake all over the world and at that time, nobody is going to say Bill was right, No they will be Angry at God and when God says they will be angry they will.

I know the consequences of this, I know for a fact that the rapture will happen, it is the same as the flood of Noahs day happened, or Chirst rising from the dead. I am sorry for affending all of you, but I want no blood required on my hand. I only tell everyone because I care enough about you all to be humiliated publiclly or scorned.

This message is going out to 90% of the world daily. I am in contact with many in Africa and other nations getting the message out-shortwave-computer- missionaries.

Anyone can pass this by as rediculous if they so choose. May God grant spiritual eyes that they might see as we read his WORD! Bill C

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10 posts
Aug 29, 2010
9:38 PM
Hey Bill, if you really think this is true, then sign over all your assets to me as of May 22nd, 2011.
836 posts
Aug 29, 2010
10:01 PM

The failures of the Date-Setters causes some to become doubtful and disappointed. They were built up for a huge event and then become dejected when it fails to come to pass.

Unbelievers have a field day reminding believers of the failure of their "prophecy." They mock and ridicule both the believers and their Bible.

Instead of inventing elaborate schemes to "predict" the rapture, believers should spend their time doing what the Scriptures clearly say for them to do: pray, study doctrine, seek lost souls, and help the needy.
Bill C
544 posts
Aug 29, 2010
10:22 PM
mrgroe, I did have a local guy ask for my best three pairs. LOL, but I refused. All that would do to give you my house which is upsidedown, is prove that I believe this, it would not convince you of anything. God has to open our blind eyes to see, just as the Pharosees did not have their eyes opened to know Christ was God with us. He was eternal God, the perfect preacher and yet they did not believe because they were not given to Jesus by the Father. All the Father has given to me will come to me and I will lose nothing.

Birdman, that would be like telling Noah who was a preacher of righteousness not to tell anyone the world will be destroyed with a world wide flood, but to smile at them as they pass by and tell them GOD IS GOOD!

I realize this is not something 99% of people will believe or even take the time to check it out. I am very active with talking to people about salavation util the last day, Many Bibles are being given out while we speak. Anyone in the world can write or call family radio and they will recieve a free Bible. We want everyone who wants a bible to have one, even if they do not agree with me.

By the way, this is Still America the great land of freedom and I am just voicing what I have read in the Bible. I will leave no stone left unturned in searching for truth in the Bible. So far I have not found any errors in this timeline of history. Bill C
837 posts
Aug 29, 2010
10:30 PM
Can you show me where Noah predicted the day of the flood?

Maybe you're a greater prophet than Noah?
Bill C
545 posts
Aug 29, 2010
11:02 PM
birdman, God told Noah enter the ark for in 7 days I will flood the earth. The Bible is God speaking to us in Gods own words. God is telling us to look at the flood of Noahs day manytimes in the Bible, God said to Daniel to seal up the books until the time of the end. If we are ever to find truth we have to look in the Bible. Ecclesiastes 8:5 a wise mans heart diserneth both time and judgemnt. It was God plan to keep our eyes from knowing the timeline of history, that is the age of the world, the exact year of the flood of Noahs day. Until the time of the end.

Once Noah was told to build the ark, He knew but not until 7 days, on the 10th day of the second month God told Noah to enter the ark. But the Bible does not say on the 10th day, God is focousing on the 2nd month and the 17th day and he said 7 days prior to enter the ark. This all ties together in II Peter 3:3-8 God is talking about judgment day and talks about the flood of Noahs day, the end of time with fire and ties it all together with verse 8, beloved be not ignorant of this one thing ( God is bringing our attention to something with first saying beloved, God only speaks of beloved to his elect or saved poeple if you will. Then he metions a thousand years as one day and one day is as a thousand years to the Lord.

One year is 365.2422 days, We go by the Gregorian calenar which is off track so they round it off to 365.25 and add an extra day every four years in Feb. but .25 is greater than .22 so they take away a day every 128 years. But the Hebrew calendar which the Jewish Sinogogs still use to this day is 365.22 days every year.

Now from the flood of Noahs day to May 21st 2011 is exactly 7000 years, God is the one who brought our attention to the flood, read again the three verses above in context. speaking on judgment day. Now if you go to a Jewish Sinogog and ask them what day is May 21st 2011 in the Hebrew calendar they will tell you it is the 2nd month and the 17th day, WOW! How could that be a coinsadence? It can't, God has a perfect timming for everything that took place in the Bible. For instance when he said the " Hebrews were in bondage to Egypt for 430 years" It was 430 times X 365.22 to the very day they entered, Josephs family to the very day they left Egypt with Moses, When they wondered in the wilderness for 40 years from the very day they left Egypt to the very day the arrived in the land of Cannon was exactly 40 years 365.22 days X 40, and so is all the years God kept track of.
When God did not want us to know he put about 30 years, isntead of 30 years. Everything is all worked out by God, creation of Adam, the flood, each person to be born, Christ rising from the dead, feast of tabernackles, penticost, the raputure. It is all detailed in the Bible for us to read. It was only at the time of the end that God would give us so much information because the task was to take the gospel to all the world and then the end shall come Math 24:14. BIll C
Bill C
546 posts
Aug 29, 2010
11:19 PM
Let me say it this way, in the same way that God told Noah that the flood would come in 7 days, he is telling us that on May 21st 2011 the rapture of the eternal church will take place. God is the one who said," ON THE SECOND MONTH AND SEVENTEENTH DAY, THE SELF SAME DAY ENTERED NOAH INTO THE ARK.' God is telling us, we are not making a prediciton.

Did the Bible say Noah predicted the flood? No...God told him, and if God tells us anything we will find it in the Bible where he speaks to us. This has nothing to do with visions, dreams or tongues. It is all in the Bible and has been since it was put together.

Its the same as Jesus said John 2:19 destroy this temple and I will raise it up in three days. Then we read in verse 22 of John 2:22 When therefore he was risen from the dead, his diciples remebered that he had said this utno them; and they believed the scripture, and the word which Jesus had said.

notice that after he had been risen from the dead they remebered. That is when God opened their eyes to the fact that Jesus said destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up. At the time they had their eyes had been closed to that truth as the religous leaders also who said it took 43 years to build and will you raise it up in three days?

This is how God speaks to us, using earthly story with a heavenly meaning.

today, I used a hen that went broody on my for two months, she kept sitting on a wooden egg and would not give up, so I finally bought 9 little chicks and put under her, Boy she was happy, she took to them and cared for them and was so gentle, So this morning I read in the Bible in Matt and Luke where Jesus said, Jerusalem, Jersusalem, how I wanted to take you under my wings as a hen takes her chicks and you were not willing.

I showed them why God uses animails in this case to show his great love and compassion. The boys saw just how careful the Hen was not to step on her brood of chicks and I told them she would give her life to save them from a hawk or cat or crow and illistated how Jesus gave his life for us.

This is spiritual language that the church (external church) has not taught very well to its members. So anyway, God had hidden within the scripture many truths that only in our day can we understand because it was not our task in past years to delcare the end of the world. The same as it was not for the deciples to understand at the time Jesus spoke of the temple to know he was talking about his body and death. Bill C

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427 posts
Aug 29, 2010
11:30 PM
I think you got the date wrong. If you read the bible, even Jesus doesn't know when he is coming. Only God knows! And it should suppose to be a surprise (like a thief coming in the night). If you can calculate the date, then it defeats the purpose of the surprise so God must be lying then. What I know is that on that date some people will still be flying rollers. You also put too much credence on the Old Testament. I have studied the bible myself(on my own time) and that doesn't include college/university studies where you study religion from an academic perspective. I recommend university study as well plus your normal study. That way you don't sound to much of a believer and might end up with a better perspective with perhaps with better calculation. It is this--no one knows the real time! And this should not prevent you from flying or caring for roller pigeons.
Bill C
547 posts
Aug 30, 2010
12:11 AM
Rod, first of all that verse is not talking about Jesus Christ, this is impossible! Jesus is Jehovah of the old testament, He is GOD and Savior. When the bible said, no man knows the day or hour not the angles, nor the son but the Father only. The son is not capitilized in the original greek ( check it out ) it is likely the son of predition, which is Satan, or it could even be the church spiritually during the church age of 1955 years after penticost.

Jesus cannot be Imanuel, God with us if he does not know the hour he returns since Jesus created all things and with out Him was anything created. He created judgment day and Hell which is the grave and Heaven. ( I am not a jehovah wittness either )

Please read I thess 5:2-9 The church has taught us wrong to teach Christ comes as a thief in the night.

Here I will write it for you to read and you check it out later.

2) For yoursleves know perfelctly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. ( NOW IF THAT IS ALL YOU READ, THEN YOU WOULD COME TO THAT CONCLUSION)
3) For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a womean with child and they sahll not escape.
4) But ye, brethren are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a theif. ( SEE)
5) Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day; we are not of the night nor of darkness.
6) Therefore let us not sleep, (that is spiritual sleep) as do ohters; but let us watch and be sober. ( WATCH IS TO LOOK)

God tells us in John 10:10 " The theif cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy". That is not how Christ returns for his people. He comes to destroy the unsaved of the world.

Please take a very careful look, we are living in the day when God is opening our eyes to truth like never before. Notice that those who say, PEACE AND SAFETY, SUDDEN DESTRUCITON COMES UPON THEM, they are the ones who say he is comming as a thief in the night.

I am not trying to offend you at all, but the Bible says, Judgment begins with the house of God, It is the external Church that is teaching Christ is comming as a thief in the night, The same way that the religious Pharosees did not want the truth when Jesus spoke to them, he returns to a church that is locked into their religious doctrines. They cannot change the religion even if they believe it is wrong in some areas because every church teaches church historic doctirne. They want the religion more than Christ even though they do not recognize it. The same as Pharosees did not want Jesus teaching, they wanted their religion. God has to bring us out of the church and into the Bible, the WORD OF GOD.

I pray that God will awaken us from spiritual sleep, he is not taking here about staying awake and climbing upon our roof tops on May 21, 2011, but rather do not spirtually sleep as others, that is those who are saying Christ comes as a thief in the night. Just re-read it again please. Bill C
Windjammer Loft
1136 posts
Aug 30, 2010
8:03 AM
NO need for me to comment on this post.... I DONT'T discuss my religious and political feelings. They are PRIVATE...

Fly High and Roll On


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2647 posts
Aug 30, 2010
8:06 AM

I will say this..religion and politics is NOT the same as sports. I just dont think this is the place for it. You are right...I will no longer read any post from this thread. We could debate religion until we are blue in the face....

Just have some respect for others feelings...but I knwo you have lost that in your new found whatever it is....
SEE YOU ON ON MAY 23rd......

rock and ROLL

3129 posts
Aug 30, 2010
10:23 AM
My thought exactly Birdman... to top it off it isn't a salvation issue so it is pretty meaningless.

(The failures of the Date-Setters causes some to become doubtful and disappointed. They were built up for a huge event and then become dejected when it fails to come to pass.

Unbelievers have a field day reminding believers of the failure of their "prophecy." They mock and ridicule both the believers and their Bible.)

And we must repent .. for me this comes very often

(Instead of inventing elaborate schemes to "predict" the rapture, believers should spend their time doing what the Scriptures clearly say for them to do: pray, study doctrine, seek lost souls, and help the needy.)
Scott Campbell

" God Bless "
3130 posts
Aug 30, 2010
10:25 AM
Why on earth would you keep them private ?

(I DONT'T discuss my religious and political feelings. They are PRIVATE)
Scott Campbell

" God Bless "
756 posts
Aug 30, 2010
11:22 AM
WHOA! Somebodys Wheaties got pissed in this morning.
Sammy W
40 posts
Aug 30, 2010
11:31 AM
Bill,Please don't take this the wrong way.I have been saved by our Saviour and try to be as obedient to Gods will for my life as I can(though I fall often)I say this to my shame.I'm not concerned with an exact date of His return because we should all be living everyday as that day.Not out of fear,but as a laborer for our Lord.We all that have been saved or born again which ever way we describe our salvation should be witnessing for God through the way we live our life.The lost need to see Jesus in us,because the life we live is our testamony.Either good or bad.I feel that when there is an exact date(which I don't believe anyone but the Father knows)put out there,then that day comes and goes without His return.That takes away from our testimony,and even puts seeds of doubt that their is a God to those that are lost.
I wish that ever Christian lived each day as if were our last day.Because our Bible tells us that the fields are white unto harvest but the laborers are few.May God bless us all to be more Christ like.This is just my personal opinion.
659 posts
Aug 30, 2010
1:28 PM
Hi brother Bill,

I see you've kept up with your listening to Harold Camping on family radio! Did you know that Mr. Camping predicted the rapture?

"On Sept. 6, 1994, dozens of Camping’s believers gathered inside Alameda’s Veterans Memorial Building to await the return of Christ, an event Camping had promised for two years. Followers dressed children in their Sunday best and held Bibles open-faced toward heaven."

This does not mean he is wrong this time, but it certainly proves that he is not a prophet and has made the mistake of trying to predict Christ's return before.

Best Regards,

rookie from ct
339 posts
Aug 30, 2010
2:46 PM
WOW this is HEAVY DUTY for my favorite "roller Pigeon" site, send me the message should I stop paying my bill's should I get some more toys and not have to pay for them ,I don't think so I will keep training and flying the best roller pigeons that I can raise and fly one day at a time.Dennis
514 posts
Aug 30, 2010
3:57 PM
----------Bill, the non believers will see!!!!!!!!
yours in christ
Rocky Lofts
145 posts
Aug 30, 2010
4:58 PM
""""So does this mean I must enjoy myself before May 2011? """" then I shall not waste precious time and flock to all my women. AMEN...
Cheers, Rocky
"Rocky Lofts"
Raul Carreiro
101 posts
Aug 30, 2010
5:28 PM
Hey Bill, Isn't It great that you and all who have (chosen) to respond to your post have what so many in other parts of the world cannot have? Freedom to express ones believes or disbelieves!! I for one admire your fortitude for standing in the line of fire! I respectfully agree to disagree with you in your understanding of the end of our world as we now It. But none the less it does not give me or anyone else here the right to ridicule you!!! As you have seen there have been mixed reactions to your post some with positive feed back on their opinion of your post although they do not agree with you and some taken out of their rear end with a stick because the hand at the end of arm is not long enough to scratch the Itch!!!!

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gentle johnnie
201 posts
Aug 30, 2010
6:55 PM
Hi Bill glad to hear that so many belivers are out there- I belive that it will happen when
God is ready and we will never know when it will be until it is over- that's what I belive and we will know next year- Hope you are right tomorrow will not be to soon. GOD BLESS!!!
Gentle Johnnie "Angels of the Sky Loft"
4422 posts
Aug 30, 2010
8:40 PM
"But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only"
Think Outside The Box
Nick Siders
Bill C
550 posts
Aug 30, 2010
8:46 PM
I do want to thank all of you who speak their minds. I am sorry for those who may have felt I hijacked this web site. I have been busy with this every day for some time now. When the Banks outsource their calls and the telemarketers call. I talk for an hour until finally they have to get back to work. I talk to people in India, Pilippines and lately South America. Today I talked to a guy from AAA who wanted to give me a price quote for auto insurance. but my insurance is still less then AAA.

It did take guts for me to say this, But the cost of Judgment day fast approching, How could I get on here and say this one week before May 21, 2011. Now anyone can check this out for themselves and read the Bible and place yourself in the only place God saves a man, through his word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Christ is the only way but like I said earlier, read your bible to your children, babies or retarded child, God saves us through his Word. There is no age of acountability for children. Sunday is a wonderful time to sit and read. Thank you again for your comments, nothing is bad to me. I learn all the time from others and checking out what they say in the Bible. It makes me search out the hidden things of God. Bill C
Bill C
551 posts
Aug 30, 2010
9:04 PM
Nick the word son in that verse is not capitolized. It cannot be Jesus for we read in Collosions 1:15-17 Who is the image of the invisible God, the firt born of every creature; 16) For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisble, weahter they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him and for him 17) And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. That is speaking of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He created heaven and Judgment day and the rapture event in the future.

Jesus is God with us here on earth for a short period of time. While we cannot understand God and who he is, God reveals us through his many names. So it is impossible for that son to be Jesus. It could be Satan since he is called the " son of predition and the man of sin and so on.

During the church age, God did not want us to be pre-occupied with the end of the world, so he said, " It is not given for you to know the season the Father has put in place to his deciples. But we have to read the book of Daniel where God said, " Seal up the books Daniel until the time of the end". Just what do you suppose that is sealed up will be revealed.

Today we knew the year of creation 13023 years ago, we knew the flood of Noahs day was 6023 years from Adam to Noahs flood. We suddenly found II peter 3 and I am here saying, there was a time God had hidden from us the end or the rapture, but he would unseal the Books only once we enter the tribulation period at the end of time. I dont think you all want to read much anymore but the parable of the 10 virgins will teach us a whole lot about the day of the LORD! We are to watch. For those who believe Chist comes as a theif in the night, they will not know the time.

The time is May 21st 2011, but I still do not know the day or hour. If Chirst comes at midnight Isreal time, it could be 11 Am here in the next day. Notice you will not find in the Bible that God said, YOU CANNOT KNOW THE MONTH OR YEAR. He only said the day and hour. The world is in differnt time zones so who is to say he comes in the morning or at nighttime. One might be in bed sleeping and one it taken, while the other might be grinding at the mill and one is taken and the other is left. Bill C
Hector Coya
690 posts
Aug 30, 2010
9:26 PM
I quit going to church for this reason,got tired of the pastor trying to scare everyone into be leaving,,,
If God is Love,is he going to destroy living things like his own children>
Im not God but i could not destroy my own child,Does that make me Love my children more?
Think about it,if God can destroy his Children because they didnt obay than i dont need that beleaf

The more i know mankind,the more i love my Dog,
Tony Chavarria
Site Publisher
4201 posts
Aug 30, 2010
9:35 PM
Bill, you yourself indicated that God's truths revealed in the Bible will not contradict each other:

1: The Bible says no one but God knows the time and day of His coming.
2: Yet Harold Camping and you are proclaiming a date as derived from Bible texts.

Should I believe a man who came up with the following calculations and now believe that #1 is untrue?

Taken From An Atheist Site:
"Camping, 88, has scrutinized the Bible for almost 70 years and says he has developed a mathematical system to interpret prophecies hidden within the Good Book. One night a few years ago, Camping, a civil engineer by trade, crunched the numbers and was stunned at what he'd found: The world will end May 21, 2011.

Here's how:

The number 5, Camping concluded, equals "atonement." Ten is "completeness." Seventeen means "heaven." Camping patiently explained how he reached his conclusion for May 21, 2011.

"Christ hung on the cross April 1, 33 A.D.," he began. "Now go to April 1 of 2011 A.D., and that's 1,978 years."

Camping then multiplied 1,978 by 365.2422 days - the number of days in each solar year, not to be confused with a calendar year.

Next, Camping noted that April 1 to May 21 encompasses 51 days. Add 51 to the sum of previous multiplication total, and it equals 722,500.

Camping realized that (5 x 10 x 17) x (5 x 10 x 17) = 722,500.

Or put into words: (Atonement x Completeness x Heaven), squared. END

This is the last word for this thread; I am not going to entertain what I know is false teaching. The Truth. Period.

Tony Chavarria

The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer