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My Ruby's Update

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Sammy W
32 posts
Aug 25, 2010
10:30 AM
I just wanted to first thank Tony for my 10 Ruby's that I got from him,Budd Gilbert for the Ruby's that he gave me, and also thank Thom for all his helpful advice.For the last 3 days my Ruby's have been outstanding.They kit very tight,good height,they are doing very frequent breaks,with spins from 5' to 20'.They are still young but I am so proud of their performance at this stage of the game.Thank you Tony for all the work that you have put into developeing this great strain of rollers.
1988 posts
Aug 25, 2010
12:13 PM
Sammy, I'm glad to hear you are having a great time but you have to be very careful. They will get in your blood! Now that's an out cross I don't wish to see! :)

Take care my Friend
Sammy W
33 posts
Aug 25, 2010
12:30 PM
Thom your right who would want a walker roller.Oh we already have that a parlor tumbler.ha ha
donnie james
1140 posts
Aug 25, 2010
1:10 PM
hay sammy,
sounds like the ruby's that are working well for you and keep up what your doing ..............
Donny James
"Fly The Best And Cull The Rest"
"Saying One Thing;Doing Its Another"
"Keep Your Head Planted In The Sky And Wings Spanned Wide"
1996 Piedmont Roller Club Lifetime Achievement Recipient
Portsmouth Roller Club Participation Award System Recipient 1994 '96 '97 And 2000
2001 Limestone,Ohio Sportsman's Club Lifetime Member Recipient
2002Portsmouth Roller Club Certified Judge
2004Portsmouth Roller Club Lifetime Member Recipient
"Miss Portsmouth"NBRC/90/J311 Rusty Dun Check Self Hen First Bird To Get Certified In Portsmouth Roller Club History With A Score Of 53 Judge By Joe Roe The 1993 World Cup Winner And John Bender The 1994 World Cup Winner
97 posts
Aug 25, 2010
2:19 PM
Sammy I am so happy that your birds are performing so well so soon. And I know you are taking good care of the birds I gave you.I miss them alot but it helps to know you are caring for them as I would. Budd (Keep them flying)
Sammy W
34 posts
Aug 25, 2010
2:28 PM
I bragged too soon.I lost 2 this evening to coopers.My best one for now a lavendar hen that was doing 20 footers,tight,all you could see was a donut hole with her was one and the other was mostly flipping.Now I guess I'll close them up for a week and try again.Man I loved that hen.
rookie from ct
337 posts
Aug 25, 2010
4:45 PM
I also have a Ruby update, I have 3 hens and a cock witch I got from Tony in the early spring and Polygamous bread them now I have 12 young that are within 3 weeks of age to one another and are trap trained and starting to fly there circles, they are very calm when the kit door is opened.I can tell that they are going to be very easy to manage,they sit on my head and shoulders when they are fed. Dennis
18 posts
Aug 25, 2010
5:28 PM
Sammy sorry to hear about the hen . For some reason its always the one we enjoy watching . Bummer.
Sammy W
35 posts
Aug 25, 2010
6:40 PM
Thanks smallkit,it seems your right it seems to always your best that get picked off.
1993 posts
Aug 25, 2010
6:54 PM
Sammy, Lock down and we will talk about ways to avoid the sharks.

Take care, sorry for your loss

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