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How many

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rookie from ct
334 posts
Aug 24, 2010
5:08 PM
Just thought it would be interesting to see how many you all banded this breeding season 2010,I am very happy to post that I banded 53 roller squabs, and now the breeders are either on wooden eggs or separated by sex. Dennis
Sound Rollers
400 posts
Aug 24, 2010
5:17 PM
Six here Dennis, with two new squabs.

gentle johnnie
197 posts
Aug 24, 2010
5:32 PM
55 here Dennis and half are culls I'm sure but will give them a 6-10 month to come in to roll- some line sitters that will be gone faster I'm sure. GOD BLESS!!!
Gentle Johnnie "Angels of the Sky Loft"

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rookie from ct
335 posts
Aug 24, 2010
5:43 PM
I only cull tree sitters,early lander's and non kiters until spring,I will give them the benefit of the dought that they will come in the roll.Dennis
gentle johnnie
199 posts
Aug 24, 2010
5:53 PM
Lucky no tree sitters yet and I have a large tree that covers whole back yard and loft- but they will be gone for sure too.
Gentle Johnnie "Angels of the Sky Loft"
donnie james
1136 posts
Aug 24, 2010
7:55 PM
i thought i put 2 dummy eggs under a pair of breeders and i went out in the breeding loft 1st in there for a while and i got 2 late hatches about 12 days old i guess i blame myself not paying attend to the birds

Donny James
"Fly The Best And Cull The Rest"
"Saying One Thing;Doing Its Another"
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1987 posts
Aug 25, 2010
4:03 AM
Hey Dennis, 41 in all, 31 Ruby's and 10 Jacconette's.

Take care my friend
2320 posts
Aug 25, 2010
5:05 AM
I banded 2. I did not breed last year or this year.

Jay Alnimer
25 posts
Aug 25, 2010
8:08 AM
45 so far with about 10 more that will be ready this week.
395 posts
Aug 25, 2010
9:04 AM
I banded 102 this year
24 for my son (He will most likely get a few more)
22 for others
That leaves 56 for me.

Keith Maxwell
Robert Pelham
88 posts
Aug 25, 2010
11:11 AM
I have bread the big # that I thought.I sent about 200 sqoeekers to Pomona feed he went through them like water.if anyone can let me know how they doing.NPA 10 500.600.2500.hope to have a lot of spiners out there
352 posts
Aug 25, 2010
10:18 PM
104 with 8 left to band. Gave 38 away, I'll fly the rest (74, 3 kits worth). Had 1 die and have culled 2 thus far. 1 outflier and 1 rolldown.


If it were easy, everybody would do it
62 posts
Aug 29, 2010
7:30 PM
52 rubys have been banded this breeding season here at brick red lofts. I paired my rubys up in early december 09 .I lost a few . BOP & CAT.I fly 42 birds every other day at around 6 or 7 pm .

bigbull flying solo in south los angeles.

brick red lofts.

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