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O/T fertilizer for the Garden

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George R.
381 posts
Aug 17, 2010
8:34 PM
My son caught this Big Carp at Lake Mead with 4lb test and a small trout pole.

Its now being used as fertilizer in the Garden
426 posts
Aug 17, 2010
10:41 PM
??? You don't eat those?

Pigeon poop can be used as a fertilizer instead.
2694 posts
Aug 18, 2010
4:35 AM
He should of just took a picture with it and threw it back in the lake... I was brought up to eat what I killed, so what I kill I eat.... Good luck with flower
Sal Ortiz
"There are some fanciers that can talk and write about rollers and they sound very impressive, but they can't even fly a kite." (George Mason)
George R.
382 posts
Aug 18, 2010
5:02 AM
It didnt survive the hook in its gut Sal
562 posts
Aug 18, 2010
12:23 PM
carp are actually good eating, at least that's what my mom told me. i think you smoke them, sort of like lox or salmon.

Steve in Blue Point, NY

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