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50% Wheat 50% Milo Mix

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George R.
377 posts
Aug 15, 2010
8:20 PM
What are your Thoughts and expierence useing a mix of 50% wheat and 50% milo ???

When feeding this mix how did it affect thier flying ?
donnie james
1133 posts
Aug 15, 2010
8:56 PM
hay george,
i used them last summer and they done ok on it if i remember right i heard a few guys uses the wheat and milo and do good on them i going to use this summer but i was in the hospital and the nursing foe a while and i for got to tell the folks to wheat and milo and mix it if nothing happens next year i'm going to buy milo and wheat and mix it plus i got a 3 new pairs i have to what the babies out of those 3 pairs
Donny James
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423 posts
Aug 16, 2010
11:00 PM
If that is all they get it wont be good or not enough. I would add peas on occasions especially if they are still young and growing. From nutritional stand point I think that feeding only 2 grains will not provide complete vitamins and minerals.

The advantage of 50/50 wheat and milo which I can think of is that you can actually control how your birds perform. If I feed less wheat, but more milo, they fly lower and not have enough strength to pull out of spin. I thought they gonna do some roll down or something. If I feed to much wheat, they might end up flying higher and felt really strong and end flying like my homers! In other words, they wont roll!
4410 posts
Aug 17, 2010
1:17 AM
50/50 will give you 13.2% protein; 71.1% carbohydrates; and 2.35% fat. It is very high in carbohydrates.

To have long periods of this diet would not be healthy. A healthy long term diet would be more in line with: 15.3% protein; 60.8 carbohydrates; and 6.55 fat. Plus add some minerals and vitamins and you're pretty well set.

I feel getting them prepped for competition is not really what you feed them, but how much you feed them.

Keep in mind everything I say generally is just a matter of opinion.
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Nick Siders
2491 posts
Aug 17, 2010
6:22 AM
My theory, in working with my family of rollers, is that rollers go through a stage of development as they are being flown out, in which the roll impulse begins to develope. During that stage, too much protein will develope more resistance to the roll impulse, fast flying, and fast, strong wing beats....permanently, for many birds. For most of my birds, straight wheat is too much during that stage, and they can become too strong on the wing. A 50-50 mix of milo and wheat seems to work perfectly to bring out the roll impulse. Very soon after the switch has been turned on, however, and they begin to roll 20 ft. or more, they need more protein so that they develope the control needed for quality performance. Individual birds seem to vary a little in their development so one has to watch them closely and know his birds.
2311 posts
Aug 18, 2010
6:09 AM
With my Horner family, that feed mix for a month period will make them fly high touching the cloud and long and make them fast flyers. I do 50% wheat, 30% milo, 10$ Canadian peas, and 10% saflower. As I notice them becoming too strong in due time, I cut the wheat and substitute more peas.

4415 posts
Aug 20, 2010
5:17 PM
Hey Jay - I would call your mix about as perfect as you can get. You have 15% protein; 5.04% fat; and 64.2% carbohydrates. Nice and healthy. 15 to 16% protein is the max that a pigeon can use. Any higher and it is just excreted as poop.
Think Outside The Box
Nick Siders
2317 posts
Aug 25, 2010
4:29 AM
Thanks Nick. It shows in their behavior and performance.

Jay Alnimer
311 posts
Aug 28, 2010
9:38 AM
Good subject. Alot of what you feed as the birds get older is dictated by what you started them on in the first place, from the nest to the kit box. Some top fliers use wheat and milo pretty much exclusively. I use it for my old team but do give them mix as well, depending on their conditioning and how long/high they are flying. I am working out of old Pensom lines mainly so those that are also flying these type birds know what I am talking about regarding how long/high they can fly! Most of us spoil our birds either while in the breeding pen and when weaning them in the kit box. We give too good of feed and most of us give too much. Once they are spoiled it can be hard to unspoil them. I think learning to control the feed can- amount fed and type of mixes fed- is the biggest challenge in learning how to manage and effectively fly rollers to ge the maximum performance out of them. Of course you have to have quality birds as well. If you don't experiment with the feed you will never find out what works best for your birds and the conditions you fly them in. Birds will usually react short term to any feed change, but learning how to use that long term is the challenge! Enjoy your next fly!
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