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old man by the sea

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Joe Valdivia
30 posts
Aug 15, 2010
6:59 PM
has anyone heard of this line of birds? Just looking for some info on them.
746 posts
Aug 15, 2010
8:46 PM
Back in the early 90's, I had a family that was called the "Old man by the Sea" family. I was living in Tustin, Ca. and was getting them from a friend who lived in Santa Ana, Ca.. I believe the story behind the family was that they came from Dana Point, Ca.. Supposedly the originator of the family had died and his widow continued to keep the birds but did not fly them, alot of the birds I got were not banded. I was new to BR's and did not know much about families but looking back I would say they looked like the Jaconettes we have today. I remember them as being easy to manage, tight kitting and fairly frequent with pretty good style. I did not have them long because I had a nesting pair of Cooper's across the street.
Do you raise this family? I am also interested in their background.
Joe Valdivia
32 posts
Aug 16, 2010
12:19 AM
i recently came across 3 hens and a cockbird, they look like they have some serious spin to them. the majority of my birds go back to richard luna, i was told that this family works out really well with his stuff. other than that i don't know much more about them
Joe Valdivia
33 posts
Aug 16, 2010
12:21 AM
katy, actually i just typed in "old man by the sea" in the website search bar and a bunch of info came up on them
62 posts
Aug 16, 2010
12:32 AM
The part about the guy living by the beach is true except as I know it was Corona Del Mar and the man lived on the bluffs overlooking the ocean, hence the name old man by the sea. The birds go back to Michael Curtis. hewanted birds but not to fly comp but more just to look at them. Curtis gave or sold him some maybe once or twice or more. Later he went to visit him and what he saw was that the birds were housed in a huge open loft and had pair up how ever they wanted. Curtis, who is a huge type guy took some back with him when he left (I guess the guy might of having some health problems). I would think they were mostly likly old school Pemsons 272/514 and other Pemson stock. I have a few pairs of them from a friend of mine named Jack Tisdale who got them from Mike himself. They are easy to train have super speed and good depth. All of the ones I have seen were all selfs. A person could contact Richard Luna if they wanted to too find out more info. He is really big on this family.


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