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pop eye?

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Joe Valdivia
24 posts
Jul 18, 2010
12:26 AM
why do some birds eye's swell up and basically pop out when they roll? Are these birds culls?
42 posts
Jul 18, 2010
1:50 AM
It sounds like some of your birds are bumping or rolling down and you notice them after the fact. Have you see any of the birds in question hit the ground or roof top after a roll?

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Sound Rollers
354 posts
Jul 18, 2010
1:53 AM
I would say G-forces, high velocity/rapidity has something to do with it. Blood rushing to the head?

4386 posts
Jul 18, 2010
7:46 AM
May not be culls, but I would never stock them.
Think Outside The Box
Nick Siders
184 posts
Jul 18, 2010
8:57 AM
I had the same question. One of my rubys developed a swollen eye the other day. I was planning on letting her recover for a week or two and try flying her a again. Is this a sound idea?
michael salus
250 posts
Jul 18, 2010
9:13 AM
I wouldn't cull the bird yet or eliminate it from the breeding program either. It could have hit another bird while rolling and if that's the case it will be fine. You will know more after the swelling goes down and you start flying again.
MJ "Peace"
154 posts
Jul 18, 2010
9:23 AM
better known as "blackeye" from 'wing butts'',bumping,' 'headons,' crashing hitting on way out, ending a roll, and bumping themselves,mid air bumps,a spin when landing and bump,It will heal up in a couple days,,,then she can fly again....LEO
Sammy W
9 posts
Jul 18, 2010
9:28 AM
I agree with Michael,I have seen in the past some of my old birds bumping during the spin.Rest the bird for a week and try to focus on it during flight.
donnie james
1085 posts
Jul 18, 2010
12:43 PM
hay joe,
it sounds like he/she rolled down going out of the fly pen or rolled down coming also i agree with michael and sammy ...........
Donny James
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5 posts
Jul 21, 2010
12:00 PM
May be bumping or hittihg, but chances are it is from extreme velocity, especially if there is blood only. In these cases depth or duration has nothing to do with it. It has been said these birds have weak blood vessels and should be culled. Common sense tells us some birds have stronger blood vessels than others, however, if tightness and velocity are your goals these are your breeders--with an eye always on vessels.


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