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bigbull bird pic's

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56 posts
Jun 25, 2010
6:53 PM
Click Here For Ruby Roller Pictures

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Jun 25, 2010
7:00 PM
Nice looking Ruby's. I like the birds with the black flecks in them.

Dave - Hesperia, CA.

(San Bernardino Mountain Spinners)
873 posts
Jun 26, 2010
6:59 AM
bigbull....Some people call that bird a mercury ticked cock,others say lavender ticked.I like mercury ticked myself.Raise a bunch of Ruby's and have fun with them.JDA
Tony Chavarria
Site Publisher
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Jun 26, 2010
7:10 AM
Hey bigbull, I made an active link to your slide show. Nice birds you have there! Like the baldies. Thanks for posting them.
Tony Chavarria

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Raul Carreiro
39 posts
Jun 26, 2010
7:35 AM
Bigbull, I like your pics of the Rubys. What stands out the most to me is how amazingly their phenotype compares to my own! Some clever breeding there!
891 posts
Jun 26, 2010
7:48 AM
are the pure rubys they are beautiful
donnie james
1058 posts
Jul 02, 2010
9:10 PM
hay bigbull,
very nice looking birds and i want to wish you all the best with them..................
Donny James
"Fly The Best And Cull The Rest"
"Saying One Thing;Doing Its Another"
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Jul 03, 2010
3:16 PM
The problem with Ruby's is they all look alike! Oh, wait that's not a problem! :) Bigbull, I would encourage you to keep them pure and keep the gene pool tight. Very tight! They are so refined when you get them that close inbreeding will NOT bring out any adverse traits, it will only produce birds that look alike, respond alike, produce as good or better then themselves and spin,spin,spin! I'm in my fifth generation of father daughter, mother son pairings and they are only getting better.

This year I bred 35 young Ruby's from 4 pair of father daughter matings. All of the pairings were picked for their performance in the air and their demeanor in the loft. I value the easy loft bird almost as much as the great spinner. When you have both of those traits then you have birds that are easy in your hand but rip the sky full of holes! :)

I hope you have as much fun and success as I have.
Take care

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