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My WC finals fly

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Jun 01, 2010
12:34 AM
I flew about 8:00 am. Good weather, partly cloudy skies, cool, light breeze from east. The kit flew just the right height and used the whole sky. They flew a nice speed with soft wing beat. They were initially quite active individuallyand in small bunches, but without very good quality. They settled down some about 3 minutes after time-in (Adrian told me afterwards I should have waited longer to time-in and may have improved my Q multiplier).

The whole time in judgment, they kitted soft. The kit flew open, with a lot of space between birds. I had 1 that flew above the team approx 5 min and occasionally pulled another out with it. I missed 5-6 breaks because of out-flying. No half turns, although some were close, but a bit too much waterfallish to credit as a half turn. I think the soft kitting hurt the teamwork some. I scored 18 breaks Q 1.3 D 1.3 raw 115 total 194.35.

The kit worked steady through out scoring time, which I was happy with as that is something Ive been working on for a couple years. Overall it was an average fly for this kit. They worked less and with a bit less quality than during the prelim, but I was pleased with the performance. I had changed 4 from the prelim kit I flew. 2 were struggling to keep weight on, 1 was a hen that was acting eggy and I didn't want to risk flying her, another was a lower quality bird I wanted to replace with something better.

Ours is a good region and I am grateful to have been able to represent it this fly. Thanks to Ricky boy for accommodations and for your work in behalf of the WC fly.

It was enjoyable to get to meet and visit with Adrian. A capable and quality minded judge. I thought he did a good job. Thanks to him for his service to our hobby.


If it were easy, everybody would do it
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Jun 01, 2010
4:07 AM
Looks like u had a great fly keep up the good work.
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Jun 01, 2010
6:41 AM
Good job Jon, You are getting to be the man to beat, before to long you are going to be a master flyier and everything.

This is a tough sport/hobby, I saw that Blake Coates, and Bryan lay, only did okay, and they had pretty decent kits. I know others are the same. I find it difficult to get them on once, on the day I want them to be on.

Anyway it is awesome that you had them on to beat flyiers like Ken Billings, and others in your regional and then turn around and post another good score in the finals. Good job and congrats.
RT Williams
Brink of Rolling Loft
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Jun 01, 2010
7:45 AM
Way to go.
I was interested to see was you would do since both Blake and Bryan's kits were dead. You had the same sky and weather other than it was pretty calm for these guys.
This is a good mind set for a judge...(Adrian told me afterwards I should have waited longer to time-in and may have improved my Q multiplier) shows that he is factoring in all breaks and not just remembering a few to come up with a quality factor.

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Jun 01, 2010
8:20 AM
Great job Jon !!!
Scott Campbell

" God Bless "
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Jun 01, 2010
8:41 AM
Well done, Jon.
gentle johnnie
172 posts
Jun 01, 2010
1:15 PM
Keep up the hard work Jon lol
Gentle Johnnie "Angels of the Sky Loft"
2674 posts
Jun 01, 2010
5:14 PM
Jon, you are a serious arse kicker! Congrats on your great fly!
Salvador Ortiz
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Jun 01, 2010
5:28 PM
Way to go, Jon!! I think we have got another contender to deal with, probably forever. I believe Jon has that "stock sense" that many of us have talked about and will use it to the fullest in this hobby. After living with him for 8 days I can also assure everyone that he is truly a nice guy through and through.
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Nick Siders
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Jun 01, 2010
7:51 PM
Your absolutely right...but he has to be nice to the few people he sees or he would have no freinds...have you seen the northern tundra from where he is from...anything that walks, talks and can communicates is called friend in that part of the
Jon has credited many times some fliers close around him as helping him but I would have to say when it comes to stock sense and commmon sense your either born with it or not...Jon has a good dose of both.

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Jun 01, 2010
10:54 PM
Great fly Jon, you did good. Jim Bowen
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Jun 05, 2010
12:36 AM
Congratulations Jon!! A good score from a very fair judge. Good luck! I hope you keep your placing..
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Jun 05, 2010
9:02 AM
Nice Job Jon!! at least a couple in the US could put up a decent kit....what a tough year. Glad to see you up on top buddy!!

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