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eggs thrown out of nest.

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May 31, 2010
5:45 PM
I'm new in the hobby! Recently I bought a pair of rollers from an internet dealer ; RK ROLLERS out of Oklahoma. The rollers have been laying eggs and then throwing them out of the nest a few days later . I e-mailed him with this question and here was his answer "YEA, YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO RAISE PIGEONS'' O' wellI, I guess he made his quick money. Sorry to see this kind of people in the hobby. Could anyone help with some suggestions? . They are in a home made cage 5' height by 3.5'wide, a wood box nest 1.5'x1.5', which hangs on the outside of the cage'. They appear healthy and get pigeon seed and oyster shell. Thanks to anyone who have any suggestions.
Tony Chavarria
Site Publisher
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May 31, 2010
5:53 PM
Hey Abe, thanks for joining the site! There are many good people here and I hope we can all help you out with this situation.

Another site member brought this very topic up several days ago. I suggested that he may need to cut the toe nails a bit. You might also consider nest bowls that are have higher walls.

Also, is it possible, the birds are being frightened at night and in panic, kicking eggs from the nest? Snake, mice, cat??
Tony Chavarria

The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
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May 31, 2010
7:11 PM
that sure was nice of RK to offer you such sound advice. did he even remember you bought the birds from him? geez, this guy RK's name is in all the wrong places!

Steve in Blue Point, NY
733 posts
May 31, 2010
7:56 PM
Guess the pair are smarter than you think. Apparently they don't want you to get your hopes up. On a serious note, try putting the next batch under a pair of pumpers.
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Jun 01, 2010
2:11 PM
I what are they nesting in. If they do not have a bowl or something then it is difficult for the bird to keep the eggs in one place. Dog bowls work, I use small easter baskets.

Good luck
RT Williams
Brink of Rolling Loft
rookie from ct
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Jun 01, 2010
2:56 PM
Abe welcome to this site and if you found this site before you bought from RK from Oak. 09 Virg in08 Mont.07 and anybody's guess next year I feel that he is the biggest feather merchant in the States and yes I sent him over $1,000 for birds,in 09 they were from 4 different breeders, he never said that they were birds he picked up along the way.
.I herd yesterday 6/1/10 that someone who sent him $$ for squeakers, had to settle for 2 pair of breeders because a snake ate all squeakers, SORRY TO HAVE TO TELL YOU HE iS THE SNAKE. got grief my E-mail posted Dennis
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Jun 02, 2010
1:23 AM
I agree the idea mentioned above of getting fosters to hatch the eggs being kicked out of the nest will work for you in this case. I would put the fosters eggs under the pair throwing eggs out and see if this continues to be their modus operandi. Good luck.
DJJeffman Spinners


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