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Scott Coe
70 posts
May 08, 2010
6:13 PM
I may have brought up two birds to soon, so they went back to the young birds. Thought I could change the short flight. Pulled the Two again and gave them rest,no change . QUESTION How long would you give to try to change this behavior. HELP
648 posts
May 08, 2010
6:58 PM
This is the one thing that really drives me nuts. I give them a couple chances. I feed them up once, and if they continue they are gone. Usually no more than a few times in a row, 3 strike after being fed up once.

RT Williams
Brink of Rolling Loft
238 posts
May 08, 2010
7:32 PM
what are the exact ages of these individuals?
Flying in someone else's backyard: Portable Kits
Scott Coe
71 posts
May 09, 2010
3:42 AM
Four and five monthes, I always give alowance for molt.
239 posts
May 09, 2010
5:11 AM
do you give allowance for coming into sexual and social maturity? are these top perch birds, bottom perch birds? how active are they in the kit box?

when you say gave rest? for how long, by what means i.e. isolation, or just not flying them. Maybe you have a case where these two are either having to fight or defend themselves alot???? How big is your kitbox.

How often do you get birds that have short fly times? Are they from the same pair? is their any correlation.
Flying in someone else's backyard: Portable Kits

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michael salus
214 posts
May 09, 2010
6:03 AM
Scott, Take the birds about 8 blocks from home and let them go.Some how it seems to give them confidence... They should be able to find there way back home with no problem... just a thought. Do you fly from a portable loft? Never done that so.... lol
Scott Coe
72 posts
May 09, 2010
7:54 PM
Thanks for all the other questions. That is why I am here, to keep growing with my birds.
10 posts
Jun 02, 2010
1:23 AM
Hello Guys, I also have the same problem. At the time I only had one kit box to share with my old and young birds and now I have 2 more kit boxes in which I can seperate my old/young/lazy birds that need more work and has become trouble-free. And taking them down a couple of blocks has worked.

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