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The Original All Roller Talk Discussion Board Archive > Squab's head is being pecked.
Squab's head is being pecked.

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7 posts
May 07, 2010
4:48 PM
I have a squab whose head is being pecked. He has a nest mate that is considerably bigger than he is. I have an open loft where other pigeons can get to the nest too. I don't have separate breeding cages. I don't know who the culprit is.

Help! What can I do about this? Anything I can put on the wound?
rookie from ct
276 posts
May 07, 2010
5:03 PM
Jigger if you have other squabs that are different sizes (ages)you can switch them around in the nest ,put small with small and larger w/- larger parents don't care they will care for what ever is in the nest you can even put 3 squabs under a pair and it will be fine. so put pecked head alone ans 3 under someone els. good luck Dennis
8 posts
May 07, 2010
5:49 PM
rookie from ct. Thanks. Sounds doable but I only have the one other squab. So if I separate them and put them in their own nestbowls will they both still be fed?
Tony Chavarria
Site Publisher
4030 posts
May 07, 2010
6:21 PM
Hey Jigger, you are going to have to spend some time watching the nest from afar and see who the culprit is that is doing the pecking. Remove it for a couple days. Probably a dominant cock is chasing the real parents off the nest. Good luck.
Tony Chavarria

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736 posts
May 08, 2010
2:56 PM
Dont put any babies under a pair with eggs. The parents will most likley not feed it.
12 posts
May 09, 2010
8:59 AM
Thanks to all.

You hit the nail on the head. We took out the culprit/dominant cock and put him in a parrot cage. All is well now. Thanks.
738 posts
May 09, 2010
11:24 AM
Does your breeding compartments have nest fronts?? Or is it an open loft? I had the same problem once when I the parents were outside another bird went into the breeding box and started attacking the baby. If the mom and dad are there they will fight and defend the baby for the most part.
13 posts
May 09, 2010
1:19 PM
Open loft. That's part of my problem I'm sure.
741 posts
May 09, 2010
3:44 PM
Yes it will happen from time to time. But its a good thing these birds reproduce like crazy :)

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