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Brian McCormick Memorial day VID

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358 posts
Apr 30, 2010
2:46 AM
This vid contains footage of the best spin i have seen in a roller on the web.

Does anyone know if Brian has written any articles on breeding ,feeding and training ?

Also does anyone know what family of birds he has or had as depicted in his video ?

Also I love the look of the ruby rollers they look small , wit excellent body type ,any vids of a ruby demonstrating a spin?

Once again I know what we have in Canada and i believe the bob brown line bred by jay lucarell are the most consistent performers.have not seen any better so far except for the memorial day vid .

If i look at bringing or starting an additional line, .For me it would involve traveling to the states once the best was found ,and picking the birds out of the air (dream on) if any one would sell a few pairs that way.

the one bird in the memorial day vid has a spin like i have never seen are there other birds like that one that breeders have seen and who has them?

you guys would know who comes close to that bird and what family is it .

Please advise if i am of the mark or you know other wise
3027 posts
Apr 30, 2010
5:42 AM
His videos are absolutly the best out there .. normaly they aren't even worth watching.
Scott Campbell

" God Bless "
Tony Chavarria
Site Publisher
4020 posts
Apr 30, 2010
5:52 AM
Isn't Brian a professional photographer? Kids, don't try this at home...LOL
Tony Chavarria

The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
808 posts
Apr 30, 2010
8:36 AM
Canspinners...Where can you see this vid?JDA
2665 posts
Apr 30, 2010
1:53 PM
Canspinners, if you are a NBRC member you can get his e-mail or phone #. Also his flying record supports what you see on that video. No hocus pocus there! (Smile Tony).

JDA, it is on youtube.
---------- Salvador Ortiz
BA Rollers
336 posts
Apr 30, 2010
2:24 PM
I think you mean this one I did in 2008. Actually one of the first one's I did I think. Been a while so I can't remember. Glad you enjoyed it. And no I don't sell my rollers but thanks for asking.

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650 posts
Apr 30, 2010
2:42 PM
Great video, well done Brian!!
Keep em Spinning
97 posts
Apr 30, 2010
4:07 PM
Hey Brian, is this the hen you posted for me on the Helmet site? If so i really like her alot.
Also some good videos of the rollers.
809 posts
Apr 30, 2010
6:49 PM
Brian...Thanks for showing your video.

359 posts
Apr 30, 2010
7:24 PM
Hey brian did not know you were on this site .Thanks for posting your vid .

if you do not mind i have a few questions but be fore I ask away let me congratulate you on your commitment to the hobby it comes through in the birds performance> I am wondering if you can help clarify some questions on performance based on your expertise. old are the birds in the kit?
2.has that kit ever had a day that they did not spin i.e. a high pressure day? you get more spin out of the birds when they are hungry?

Brian i think i spoke to you long time ago via e-mail and i remember the thing i admired at the time was your integrity ..I was asking you about the bird in the begining
of the vid and @the 6:20 mark And i remember you saying that not al of your birds are like that ..a bird like that comes along from time to time .
Also how many breeding pairs do you work with ? I curently have thirty and my goal is to get down to 12 pairs once I have proven youngsters that can go into the breeding coop.

Any advise would be appreciated
BA Rollers
337 posts
Apr 30, 2010
8:53 PM
Thanks for the kind words Canspinners. old are the birds in the kit?
At that time they ranged from about 1 or so years old all the way up to the oldest which is the white badge bird flying at the end of the video. She was I guess 7 years old at that time. I'm still flying her. This is her 9th year being a 2001 banded bird. Most of them were 1-4 years old. I still have some of those, stocked quite a few after last year and gave some away.

2.has that kit ever had a day that they did not spin i.e. a high pressure day?
Every kit will have days where they won't put on a show. They never had or have days where they do not spin. They always would break and roll at least some. Some days they just roll less depending on their condition, the weather, etc. High pressure doesn't seem to totally shut them off but the lack of humidity commonly associated with high pressure (here anyways) means less resistance on the birds and thus they tend to fly more and roll less...and fly higher too. you get more spin out of the birds when they are hungry?
Depends on your interpretation of hungry. They will always act Hungry rollers won't fly. Mine do their best when they are fit and in good condition which means they are getting the right amount of nutrition. Its a cycling thing in terms of how they are fed. Prior to this being videoed they were fed damn near as much as they wanted to eat of very rich feed. But that is also coming off of a cycle of cutting their feed back then bringing them back into a certain point of condition by being fed up, sometimes very heavily. I don't starve my birds and loathe those who do.

I have three families of rollers that I breed and fly together. All three manage about the same. All three are in that kit as with all of my kits that I fly.
30 is way too many pairs of rollers if you don't mind me saying it. You should definitely widdle that down to the most productive 12 or less if it is a single family.

Glad you liked the video.
360 posts
May 01, 2010
12:19 AM
Brian great video /great birds /and great information your advise on the amount of breeding pairs is consistent with the advise given by our peers on this site.

#,3great information on the feeding method iwas not aware of the cycleing methood ,,but in practice have done it not knowenly, I from time to time give my birds all the feed they can eat yo build them up when they look down in condition will rake you advise aand give them richer seeds

#2 i have attended some of our club flys and on one particular day after visiting several different coops i noticed very little action in all the birds ,,i was very disapointed ,,,,my so was with me at the time and he looks at me and says geez dad i didnt know we joined a tippler club ? LoL I injured as to why this was the case and a few members said it was because of the high pressure,, As soon as i got home i wanted to test with my bird i let out my best spinners ...and they were more like tipplers than spinners on that day also. So i thought to myself that luck of the draw plays a big role in competition.your comment on the humidity explains to me why my birds do better on overcast days

your comment of haveing three seperate families of birds to fly togeathrer is amazing it validates for me that ican still experiment with different families of birds which is ok

Brian the reson i like your video is because I have a visual standard of excellent performance to reference against when looking at my birds

thanks so much for clarifying and confirming ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,much of the observations and long standing questions

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