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Bringing new birds into kit

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Apr 27, 2010
4:04 PM
I've been having a little trouble getting three new birds to fly with the kit, when they go up they seem to circle opposite as my kit birds. They have all had about a month to settle with my team and have been let out for almost two weeks now and wont fly with the kit. I know that birds from different families fly differently but these seem to do it just to make me mad (lol). Any suggestions?
cv rollers
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Apr 27, 2010
4:13 PM
I had to add 11 birds to make my kit complete,out of those only 4 made the team, only lost 1 and the rest got demoted to another kit.3 had the same problem so i culled them the other 3 are flying with my young team.good luck !!!!!
Rick Flores

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Apr 27, 2010
4:24 PM
It takes them awhile living together to learn to fly and perform together. They are funny little critters.
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Nick Siders
Bill C
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Apr 27, 2010
7:21 PM
Did these birds already fly and kit at another place? Are they younger than the rest of the birds your flying?

If they are older kit birds that are not kitting they might have paired up and the other is just hanging out with them.?

I would fly them one at a time with the main kit and add them after two or three days apart so they will stay with the kit.

If they are younger than the other birds it will take a while for them to catch up but two or three weeks flying should be enough unless the others are much older and but it sounds like they all fly at the same hieght but different directions.

Differet family of birds will kit and work together, especially if all trained in a squeaker kit. I have flown four different families. Bill C

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119 posts
Apr 27, 2010
7:52 PM
All of them are within 4 months of each other. I'll try your suggestion of flying them one at a time with the kit. That sounds like a good idea. I've been putting all three up hoping they will join the kit. One did pretty good today, we'll see how it goes tomorrow one at a time.
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Apr 30, 2010
9:58 AM
Thanks for the input guys. I got one of the three flying with the kit for their entire flight this morning. It took a few days but now he looks good up there. I've only worked with one, letting only him out with the kit and it went very well today. I'm going to give him a few more days to get it into his head and I'll starting letting one of the other two out then.

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