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"Bull in the Ring"

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786 posts
Aug 14, 2006
11:56 PM
If I want to breed one cock bird to multiple hens how do I set that up and how does the original mated cock bird rejoin the mated or paired hen to raise young? What are the problems and what are the benefits? How successfull is this?
Snicker Rollers
584 posts
Aug 15, 2006
5:02 AM
Nick, Here is a link that might help.
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It`s a comp thing,understand?

35 posts
Aug 15, 2006
10:58 AM
I've used the Bull method once, Down side, very labor intensive, upside, you can really evaluate the breeding potential of your hens if you already know you have a prepotent cock. You need an exceptional cock bird for this method.
Hector Coya
11 posts
Aug 15, 2006
4:53 PM
Dont bother, have the patience a good breeder should,breed one round when the hen lays the second round pump the eggs,then mate him to the next.
good luck,Hector

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206 posts
Aug 15, 2006
7:45 PM
Nick, if you build a Polygamous Breeding Pen you can breed one cock on multiple hens. Be prepared to foster the eggs and you will have a loft full of 1/2 siblings in no time.

The box should measure 36" x 36" x 18" tall. Divide the box in half and you will have the cock's compartment of 18" x 36". Divide the remaining half into three separate compartments for the hens, each measuring 12" x 18". Each compartment should have feed and water dishes attached to the outside. Cut holes so the birds can stick their necks through to get to the feed and water. Add removeable wood dividers between the hens compartments and the cock's compartment and also a hinged, doweled top to easily remove and replace the birds as necessary. Put the three hens in their compartments and the cock in his and he will strut up and down and sight mate with all three hens. When you are ready to breed them, remove one of the dividers and let one hen have access to the cock. As soon as they mate put the hen back, give the cock a little rest, and do the same thing with the other hens. Nick, the hardest part is making the box but if you have a good cock to mate on your best hens it would be worth a shot. Besides, what else do you have to do with your time? LOL

790 posts
Aug 15, 2006
8:32 PM

When the eggs are laid do you foster them out?

I have no life so I can build this box(LOL).

Snicker Rollers
207 posts
Aug 15, 2006
11:08 PM
Yes, use foster parents if you have them.
454 posts
Nov 14, 2007
4:43 AM
Nick, Years back I put one cock on three hens that were the same color and he mated to all of them! I had them in a kit box I was not using at the time! I first put the hens together for a couple of months, and then added the stud!LOL, I did not foster, they raised their own young! Nick just sharing a experience!LOL
457 posts
Nov 14, 2007
7:43 AM
Thats takes a lot of work you can cover a lot of ground if you are successful

Good Luck Nick
2469 posts
Nov 14, 2007
8:06 AM
I haven't involved myself in it yet. This year will be my first attempt at it. My cock birds are weak is the reason I am going to do it. My hens are by far the most dominate birds in my loft.

I have got two very good cocks that have done well and I have six hens I am going to rotate across them and then foster them out. One of the two cocks has a dilute gene and throws some funky colors which might make it fun. Does this make me a color breeder?(LOL), because I am not breeding for a specific color nor am I breeding for rare colors(LOL)

185 posts
Aug 04, 2008
11:40 PM
Nick just posted how I done it on "Polygamy Breeding" might give you some thoughts on it.hope to do it next season again.
205 posts
Aug 05, 2008
8:34 AM
nick was this successful?
RT Williams
789 posts
Aug 05, 2008
11:10 AM

Been here always and now work is starting to pick up.

I have never try this program but it might be the same as what I'm doing right now. I have 1 hen a grizzle that has been the best I have bred since last year. I have bred her with 3 different cocks already so I can have 1/2 brothers offspring. I'm breeding her parents as much also to put the offspring from my grizzle hen back to there uncles. But only the best will be bred back, then back to the grizzle if she is still the best one.

3059 posts
Aug 05, 2008
2:39 PM
I did and I am still using it. I have one cock being shared by two hens. Once one lays I move the cock next door with the other hen. They are in cages which is important so the two hens always has eye contact with the cock. Once the first hen lays and I have moved the cock I remove the eggs; replace them with wooden eggs and put the real eggs under a foster pair that has laid eggs. The eggs that the foster pair has laid are destroyed.
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Nick Siders

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794 posts
Aug 05, 2008
2:44 PM
It should work for us Nick, I'm doing the same but with a hen and is slower. Because she has to laid the eggs with different cocks. I want to have 1/2 brothers offspring out of her.

I just hope I get some like her or better. I have try her with birds that are deeper than her with short rollers and with frequent rollers to see what hits better.

70 posts
Aug 05, 2008
8:38 PM
BIRDMAN where did you get does meurments from i have a box to the t. for racing homer i made 1999, i seen it in a video,

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615 posts
Sep 10, 2009
4:14 PM
Could someone please post pics of this set up??
134 posts
Aug 02, 2010
7:45 PM
On Rick Mees website there is a picture of a nice setup to run 1 cock on 3 hens. Looks like a good project to build one on a weekend.

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