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My Idea For Finding The Best Overall Champion Flyer/Kit

The National Championship Fly (Formerly Fall Fly may not be broke but but in my own opinion, "1 fly does not a flyer make". I believe there is a more equitable way to determine who has the best kit in a given year...

Here it is: “The Invitational Flying System”

1: Cancel the Fall Fly.

2: Start an NBRC Invitational Fly for each Regions overall

3: Each region sponsors their own NBRC sanctioned local fly
   "season" to pick a best overall points winner.

   To promote a sense of fairness and recognizing that the
   best kit/flyer may not necessarily win, each region is
   also allowed to vote for one "should have-could have won"
   flyer to also compete.

4: The actual NBRC Invitational is run much like the current
   Fall Fly competition to find the best over-all winner.


Happier Regions. The local regions can by vote select their own judge/s and be assured that the truly best kit/flyer has won the region over say 6 or 7 local competition flys. Better Flying Calendar. Each region determines the best competition season time frame for them. However, all flys needs to be completed by a single date set by the NBRC leadership to facilitate the best time to do the Invitational Fly. A Region can truncate a flying season by any means necessary, instead of once a month (6 or 7 month season), they can go bi-weekly or every 3 weeks, by vote they can cancel a date to be made up later.

None Or At Least Minimal Cost Per Region. Each region is allowed to pick the best judge they can find, either local or flown in. Each region picks up the tab should there be any costs for a judge. There is NO COST to the NBRC to sanction these regional flys, saving perhaps hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, it does pickup the tab for the Invitational only. The invitational would be an event that would actually help ensure that the best overall flyer/kit actually won the title of Champion.

Tony Chavarria