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Versatile Rolling Ability


What is a champion? I will try to explain.

First, a champion is the greatest of all performers, a bird difficult to obtain but not beyond the reach of any fancier who cares to produce one. As a performer, its qualifications have no bounds. It can roll perfectly for any distance up to a maximum of about eight yards. It can regulate depth at-will, rolling one yard, two yards or more at its own pleasure, according to its mood and the circumstances under which it is flying.

It can tumble any number of times; it can perform as a "mad tumbler," spin, and "twizzle". Its ability as a flier leaves nothing to be desired. In a kit a champion can adjust its own performance to meet the requirements of the others. If they tumble, the champion tumbles. Such a bird does not have to be followed with the eye; he can be picked out at any time, and in comparison with him other Rollers are left at the post


W.H. Pensom 1945