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Bare in mind, always, it is just as possible to breed genetic dominance for defect into your strain as it is a quality.


  1. Never start an inbreeding program until some years of experience have been gained in breeding and management.  
  2. Never begin inbreeding unless you are able to secure a group of excellent rollers, which between them possess all the major qualities and no major faults.  
  3. Never allow yourself to be tempted to retain any roller in your breeding stud of which you are aware possesses weaknesses in stamina or fecundity, no matter how good it maybe in type.  
  4. Never forget that you must remain vigilant in your selection policy.  Inbreeding of itself is not enough. 
  5. Never introduce an outcross into an established, inbred strain, just for the sake of it.  Only do so for a specific reason and if possible from the source of your original rollers or an associated offshoot line.  
  6. Never breed an established inbred strain out to the outcross.  The progeny of such matings should be bred into your strain of rollers after they have been test mated.  
  7. Never neglect keeping of accurate stock records nor fail to refer to them frequently.  
  8. Never keep a large stud that you can cope with.  Inbreeding requires more time, care and thought.  
  9. Never forget faults are the result of genetic influences.  If you continue to use such rollers, you are instilling genetic dominance for those failing into your strain.  
  10. Never expect instant success.  Achieving quality is like climbing a very long ladder.  Half way up the ladder, the going gets tougher and danger become evident.  Some of the steps will prove slippery and you may slip down a step or two, but if you persist, ever upwards, you will reach the top.

Jay Alnimer