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1.     Breed only from healthy and active rollers.  

2.     House your rollers cleanly, with adequate space and free from dampness and droughts, but ensure good ventilation.  

3.     Always provide a varied diet and never economise on the quality of feed.  

4.     Frequently study your rollers’ Standard of Excellence.  Vist other lofts and breeders, and participate in local and national flys to see the way in which they and the judges are interperting the excellence in the air.  

5.     If your main interest is in performance rollers success, then specialize in one type of pigeons, the Birmingham Rollers.  

6.     Buy stock of good quality and pay only for what you see in the air (or purchase from reputable breeder. Ed.).  Avoid rollers that have major faults.  

7.     Match your pairs carefully.  Never pair together two rollers if both possess the same fault.  

8.     Retain from each year’s breeding, only those young, which show an improvement on the parent stock or at least better in quality than the weaker parent.  

9.     Whenever possible, double up on quality by using rollers of similar quality, rather than pairing a superior roller to a much inferior partner.  

10. Remember, the fancy is a hobby, which you will always enjoy.  Providing, you keep only the number of rollers, which you have the time to care for properly.  Keep in mind; it is much better to keep a small stock of good quality rollers than a large number of inferior types.




Jay Alnimer