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The most impressive factors of any rolling action are described in these photos attached. I refer to what I have termed” devils ears” displayed in the photos. I  like to refer to my birds as “devil rollers”. The bird in the photo is a blur,( neither hole” A” nor “H”.)  This bird rolls 1.8 seconds, 24 times in 20 minutes and is currently 3 years of age. She only started rolling at the age of 9 months.

She was over active and kept on rolling behind the kit of youngsters, simply not keeping up with the rest. Friends in the hobby said cull her as they claimed over active birds were a mistake, but not listening to them she started perfecting her roll at 24 months (today a champion in my kit).

I later bred with her and put her back in the kit. Her sisters and offspring joint the kit later. This is not an unfamiliar occurrence in this family. Roller fanciers refer to this family as the homer rollers, 99% of this family consist of slate or check pigeons with pearl eyes. This family has never produced any other shade of eyes.

The family was bred over 30 years of strict line breeding. Not an unfamiliar family to world cup as they featured 3 times in this competition finishing in the top 10 in the world, people who flew the similar family achieved these results:

2000 (Jimmy Roodt) second,

2003 (Buks Knoetze) second,

2005 (Brian McKenzie) fourth.

 All members of AMBRC South Africa

Viewing these photographs release a sudden urge to fly them again and see if the ears can be more impressive, but “Murphy’s law” the camera would not focus.

After all it only take 45 seconds for them to disappear. Enough bragging lets talk some more. She is a mealy (trying to introduce more color into the family) and can make many a pigeon jealous with her perfect rose after a flight.

Specifically look at the chest feathers. A produce of 2004. Looking at her current performance I am sure she will end up rolling with devil ears next year.

Until the next flight

Greetings from South Africa


Riaan Naude