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I can truly say that one of the things I enjoy most in life is watching a kit of my Ruby Rollers fly on a clear crispy cold morning along with a steaming hot cup of coffee in hand flavored with hazelnut creamer.


The cold, the wet grass, the quiet…are all a backdrop to the exciting and hopeful expectations I have as I wait and anticipate the first big break.As I wait, I watch a roller leave the kit. I hope that bird doesn’t make a habit of that…okay it’s headed back…just lost its way for a few moments. Good.

I continue to crane my neck looking up, take a sip of the hot hazelnut flavored coffee and continue to wait. Nothing yet, I hope these guys are not flat this morning. I see birds start to setup, some snap into a few quick flips, almost there…getting ready…almost…awww, nothing. They start around again to setup. This coffee is the only thing making it worth being out this morning as I sense my building frustration at the lack of seeing a nice break. The wait goes on… 

With flavored coffee in hand, I continue to wait for the first big break on this early Saturday morning. I see a few perform together but its not even a quarter turn and the depth is not too good. 


Are these guys ever going to roll I begin to wonder? Good thing no one is around to witness this miserable showing…I remember last Saturday, I saw so many breaks I was ready to….WAIT did I just see that! Way Cool. Almost half a turn. Now I am excited for what I hope to see…I take a big gulp of coffee, a little too much and choke a little. I’m alright.


Hmmm…that hazelnut creamer leaves a nice aftertaste. BAM! My momentary coffee distraction causes me to miss what I am sure was a half turn. I only caught part of the action cause I was thinking about my coffee. Dang! That could have been the best break of the morning and I missed seeing it properly. 


Another gulp of coffee, this time I’m not taking my eyes off them again! I wait. I see them setting up, but just not breaking as a team yet. 


The kits not doing too well this morning, maybe I could fly them later on this afternoon, no, I have too many other things to do today…then dinner out tonight and a movie with the wife. I’ll be busy all day. If I’m going to see anything, it’s got to be this morning…these guys should be doing better than this…then I think…well if they don’t roll worth a crap this morning, at least I had a nice time standing out here in the cold enjoying my hazelnut coffee. BAM! DID YOU SEE THAT!!


Tony Chavarria