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Part 4: Developing Into A Kit

Now that you are letting the birds out everyday and calling them in and everything is running smoothly, you may be wondering why they are not all flying together like they are supposed to. Well, it is natural for them to spend a few days getting a feel for their wings and “learning” to fly. The more “air-time” you give them, the sooner they will finally start flying together into what might be considered a kit of rollers.

There will be times when they are all flying together and then times when they seem to have forgotten how to fly together because they will look like a tornado went through them. After a few minutes, you will see them pull together again and all is well.
It is very important at this that you fly them practically everyday. Skip a day here and there, but no too much. This is where YOU have to be disciplined enough to stay with the training program. After all you are the coach and they need your involvement.

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Tony Chavarria