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This is an excellent subject as you cannot judge someone's birds on one or twenty and you know why? What if the twenty are all off of one or two pair? Does that sampling suggest the totality of that individuals strain?I am not incompetent and know that in order to do a true evaluation you have to tell me sampling size, method of evaluation and a lot of other things (How many birds did you fly of this family, how and by what standard are you judging them etc?  

  • How long did you breed and fly them?  
  • Did you get the directly from the fancier? 
  • How long have you raised rollers and what is your experience? 

You never hear any of that being stated by, in many cases, novices who critique strains. I know people do not want to talk about this but new fanciers make tons of mistakes. If a fancier is a newbie please take your time evaluating carefully before you critique.Also, all of the statements made about anyone's strain is incomplete because there are so many unknowns that you do not know regarding if they received the birds directly from the breeder or are they from so and so who got them from so and so and are still using the name of the fancier?

Do not believe the rhetoric about a strain that you can just throw them in a cage and viola you are in. You are, breeding pigeons, dealing with genes and genetics and it is not that simplistic. I know a guy who had a family for six months and bashed them and guest what he is trying to get them back again because the guy he sold them to is now spinning pigeons like crazy. 

He was impatient and he was listening to the rhetoric of his friends. Guess what, they want a few also.The simplistic view of heredity that many fanciers have is the ideas that traits are transmitted from bird's parents are fixed and only the great qualities of a strain will be passed down. This is false.

Professor LaRon Doucet