Shipping Roller Pigeons

All Live Animal orders are shipped via the US Post Office and are generally delivered to your door. However, if you have any concerns or are in a very rural area, simply coordinate with your local post office by letting them know you have a package of "Live Birds" coming, provide the Tracking # (which we will provide once they are taken to our local post office) and discuss the best way to get them to you - via customer pickup or postal carrier delivery to your home.

IMPORTANT: What Is Late Delivery Of Live Animals?

To ensure proper understanding of on time delivery and to prevent misinformed or well-meaning postal staff creating an expectation that you might be entitled to a refund on shipping charges here is the relevant postal regulation that determines what is and is not late:

Postal Regulation: 526.43 Claims for Adult Birds
Click the above link to read the entire the entire relevant part - scroll to section 526.43

"Indemnity may be paid only for articles that are lost, damaged, or for missing contents, and not for death of the birds in transit if there is no visible damage to the mailing container.

Postage refunds may not be available if the Priority Mail Express shipment was delivered or delivery was attempted within three days of the date of mailing as shown in the “Date In” box on Label 11. See DMM 609."

To help understand this we have provided an example: We take your Live Animal shipment to our local postal facility on a Monday (Day 0) they have up until Tuesday (Day 1) or Wednesday (Day 2) or Thursday (Day 3) to make actual delivery. They would NOT be considered late and qualify for shipping charge refund unless they were finally delivered on Friday (Day 4) or later.

From the clerk at the front counter to the higher ups in the back office, many are unaware of the actual postal regulation regarding Live Animals and what is late because they rarely if ever deal with it so they go with what they know about a regular Express Mail packages delivery and refunds.

While it is rare that delivery takes up to that 3rd day, it does happen. Even when you track online the estimated date they show is irrelevant and does not apply to Live Animal shipments it applies to non-live animal mailings (documents and similar).

This information is provided to our customers to help inform and educate to help make the delivery process as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at 417-935-4751. We look forward to doing all we can to make your experience with Roller-Pigeon.Com a positive one.