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Serving The Roller Pigeon Hobby Since 2004

Serving The Roller Hobby Since 2004!

Established in 2004 RollerPigeon.Com is a professional pigeon organization dedicated to providing only quality well-bred Birmingham Roller stock from our own personal strain we started in 1993 and coined them “Ruby Rollers”.

We are a source for well-bred quality Birmingham Roller pigeons at affordable prices so that anyone can start this fascinating hobby with superior stock.

We are located outside of Springfield Missouri where we ship to all 50 states as well as export to other countries.

A bit about us: altogether I have been in the roller hobby for over 30 years and in 2005 relocated from Southern California to Southwest Missouri to work on our business full time.

My wife Joni and I purchased about 3 acres in the Missouri countryside where we built our lofts with the intention of breeding and selling rollers year-round. So whenever our clients want rollers, we will have them ready to go.

Why Do This?

I had a full career in business management in Southern California but wanted out of the rat race. I was already raising and working on my strain of roller pigeons and when due to economic conditions and other reasons in 2005, I saw a brief window of opportunity to pursue my business goals and so relocated..

We sold our home and purchased our new home in Missouri. We built our lofts and have promoted our strain on our RollerPigeon.Com website ever since.

Before I ever sold a single bird I spent about 10 years developing my Ruby Rollers strain. I am of the “old school” in that I emphasis and promote the breed aerial standard, which promotes deep rolling according to the breed aerial standard:

"...the true Birmingham Roller which turns over backwards with inconceivable rapidity through a considerable distance like a spinning ball."

I believe that because this standard is our guide it places us in a unique position to offer our clients stock that is bred toward the original ideal behind the breed and not some of the shorter variety currently popular in roller flying competitions.

Saying that, they can be and are used by some of my clients for competition where they hold their own. As for myself I prefer the deeper rolling Ruby Rollers of 20’ to 30’ and more.

Since that time there have been a few ups and downs along the way but we have persevered and continue to offer the Ruby Rollers strain of Birmingham Rollers to both new and old hands in the roller hobby.

We are especially grateful for the many of you who have trusted us with your purchases. We continue to strive for better ways to deliver on our promises and provide the best deal and value with continued review of our business processes, pricing and products.

If you are new here and have been looking for a quality family of Birmingham Rollers, please inquire and let me know how I can help you. Or simply place an order online or give us a call. Either way I look forward to working with you and getting you the quality stock and young birds you need. We look forward to many many more years of serving the roller pigeon community!



Tony Chavarria