Roller Pigeons For Sale. Young Birds $50 Each. Bred From Deep Spinning Quality Stock VOICE: 417-935-4751 for TEXT: 417-319-3453
Ruby Rollers
A Family Developed By Roller-Pigeon.Com

The Roller Pigeons For Sale are all related to the birds pictured on this page. These are the basic type and expression you can expect from our Ruby Rollers™ strain. Our young birds you can purchase will develop into adults similar to these. 

The Ruby Rollers pigeon strain is developed for "rolling ability, velocity, depth, control and type". A large percentage of our strain will spin on average 20' to 30'. It is not uncommon to see some roll to a much greater depth! These birds pictured HERE are NOT for sale, however, the pigeons listed at THIS LINK are available for immediate purchase and shipping. Call to order or for questions 1-417-935-4751