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Birmingham Roller Pigeons we fly and breed at our Missouri based Ruby Roller Lofts are bred according to the only known aerial standard for Birmingham Rollers as published by Lewis Wright in the latter 1800’s which has become the aerial standard that all serious fanciers strive toward:

“The true Birmingham Roller, which turns over backwards with inconceivable rapidity through a considerable distance like a spinning ball.”

We have been breeding the Birmingham Roller Pigeon since 1993 and have invested many countless hours with painstaking patience to develop our special strain of Birmingham Roller Pigeons we call “Ruby Rollers”. In order to breed to the aerial standard or “Ideal”, we have developed a system to guide our flying and breeding decisions and help stay focused on the kinds of traits that will in our opinion, maintain the Birmingham Roller Pigeon breed for future generations to come.

Here are the 5 Primary Traits we believe will ensure the aerial standard:

1: Roll (nurture the instinctual propensity for joyous rolling behavior)

2: Velocity (maintain the rapid rolling as though a spinning ball)

3: Depth (through a considerable distance of 20’ to 40’ more or less)

4: Control (careful breeding to ensure intelligent rollers that can turn the roll on and off at will) 

5: Type (breeding birds of proper proportion, size and strength to maximize the aerodynamics)

We have made it our business to help new roller fanciers obtain quality Birmingham Roller Pigeons with the gene pool to breed pigeons with the ability to perform to the aerial standard.

Whether your goal is to breed Birmingham Rollers to the aerial standard or enter your rollers into competition or simply to fly your own high class of well-bred Birmingham Roller Pigeons, we can help you with acquire quality Birmingham Rollers.

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How To Breed Better Rollers

Get my flagship publication and I will explain my philosophy of raising and breeding Birmingham Rollers and the thinking that went into the development of my Ruby Roller strain that I started working on back in 1993. 

I have sold literally thousands of copies worldwide since I first published "How To Breed Better Rollers" back in 2001. Many readers report that they have gone back many times over the years to review the concepts presented in this material to continually improve their approach to raising and breeidng Birmingham Rollers. Just $9.95 plus $2.50 postage $5.00 postage for international orders. Place your order online now. We have these in stock.


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Settling & Flying Young Rollers

I often am asked the question of how to settle, feed and fly young birds so I thought I would produce a teaching video covering the topic. It will explain everything that you will need to know to succesfully fly a good team of young bird rollers.

This is a brand new professionally narrated video produced by Roller-Pigeon.Com. It completely covers all the stages of how to settle and train young roller pigeons. It discusses the issues you will run into and how to resolve and prevent problems that could lead to ruining what might have been a good performing kit bird or team. Just $15 plus $2.50 postage $5.00 postage on international orders. Order now. We have these in stock.


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Or you can call for questions or to order: 1-417-935-4751