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Kit Box Setup

Here is the Ruby Rollers kit box setup. It is constructed as one unit and is divided into 3 individual boxes. Each box can house up to 24 rollers. The design of the kit box unit has taken into such considerations as to make the care and maintenance easier and more efficient. The rear has a panel that can be removed to shovel out the droppings (this makes great fertilizer!). The floor consists of 1/4 inch wire mesh, each individual box holds 24 V-Perches and has a landing board and entry trap built into each door. The traps allow the birds to enter the kit box but not get out.

The construction is treated wood frame and metal siding. This provides sufficient shelter in winters with lots of snowfall and ice as well as the corrogated roof allows heat to escape during those hot summer days. When the rear panel is left slightly open, it allows a flow of fresh air to enter from the bottom of the floor and and rise to the top of the unit and exit the top of the roof through the corrugated metal roof panels.

One individual kit box unit interior measurements. Houses up to 24 roller pigeons:

39" deep

36" high

32" wide