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All Roller Talk Archive

A new link to the All Roller Talk Archive is available in the main menu section for easy access to the forum archives. Just press the “All Roller Talk Archive” menu link and you will have direct access to over 100,000 posts started in 2004 ending in 2010 covering virtually every topic imaginable on the Birmingham Roller.

This archive is loaded with valuable information from top roller fanciers the world over. From breeding, kit training and management, strain making, pigeon politics and lively debates on a wide variety of topics, it’s all here.

While mostly positive and with an air of trying to be helpful, this archive starts in some of the early days of the Internet when it still had a Wild West feel to it. This led to many heated and passionate discussions and for those arguing their position, one either made allies or enemies depending, which way your opinion fell.

From this came obvious splintering and factions of differing viewpoints and cliques leading to new forums and websites as lines were drawn. One might be in or out depending on the point of view one held.

Things may or may not have come a long way since those days but the archive stands testament to what many roller fanciers were thinking back in the early days of the roller pigeon hobby on the Internet.


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Best To Best Discussion

In discussing our efforts to improve our roller stock one often-used phrase in the roller community is “breed best to best”. This phrase serves to summarize the most practical and reasonable method for stocking a loft with quality birds. The crux is our understanding of what IS best and the PATH that leads us there. KEEP READING


Scott Campbell Interview

Scott Campbell lives in California had been an active flying competition judge for many years in local competitions as well as judge for Regionals in the NBRC Championship Fly and World Cup.  KEEP READING


The Pesky Fly And Pigeons!

What a very annoying, dirty and disease-spreading creature, and unfortunately for us, a potentially difficult pest to eliminate completely! KEEP READING


Stay Tuned - More Coming Soon!

Roller Tip: Mixing young birds from various strains and of various ages will result in poor training results. When it comes to young birds strive for an age range of about 30 days apart and fly differing strains in separate kit boxes.