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The Discussion Forum Has Been Shut Down

Recently celebrating the beginning of our 10th successful year online we undertook to re-evaluate how we can improve communication and the delivery of our ideas and products to the roller pigeon community. One conclusion that was reached was that our current discussion forum has outlived its purpose.

With the various forums and websites it has inspired into existence it is no longer unique or original and with the drop in the frequency of participation this would be a good time to take it off-line.

We are enthusiastic about this decision, as it will allow us to focus on the new - unencumbered by old projects that have seen their day. We look forward to developing our original website and connecting with our followers and customers.

If you are a supporter of our endeavors and would like to hear from us from time to time please the click the E-Newsletter link on the right side of the page we will add you to our email list.

Thanks to all who supported this forum and their fellow roller fanciers for the last 10 years in all its versions and contributed in good faith!

Support Team

Roller Tip:

Mixing young birds from various strains and of various ages will result in poor training results. When it comes to young birds strive for an age range of about 30 days apart and fly differing strains in separate kit boxes.


New Financing Option!

No Payments or Interest For 6 Months

On Your Roller Pigeon Order!


In our ongoing efforts to improve our products and services I am pleased to announce that we can offer you a buy now and make no payments or pay interest for 6 months program through a company called Bill Me Later!

Through Bill Me Later! you can make any purchase on our site starting at $100 or more on any of our young birds, seed and breeder stock and other products - you do not have to make a payment or pay any interest for 6 months!

The best part is that we will still ship your order on our next regular scheduled shipping day! It’s a really very cool program and you can get started with it right now. The Bill Me Later program is affiliated with a company (PayPal) I have been using for 10 years to process my roller pigeon orders so I have complete faith in their company and offer. I myself have even used the Bill Me Later option for my own purchases on other websites that accept PayPal. So it does work!

Now you can still use your credit card or debit card if you want and ignore this new option. This new Bill Me Later program does not interfere with our regular acceptance of credit cards or debit cards. It is simply an additional payment option for those who would like to buy now and not pay for 6 months.

How To Use Bill Me Later

1: to start the process, simply select the birds and products you want by adding them to your shopping cart

2: begin the checkout process. Go through the billing and shipping name and address steps and then

3: select the pay with PayPal button option located at the bottom of the check out page.

4: you are then taken to a new page where you will be asked just a couple questions to apply for the Bill Me Later program

5: simply follow the instructions to apply for the Bill Me Later option; it takes just a few moments to be approved for your purchase. (I was told you do not need perfect credit to be accepted.)

6: Upon your approval we will ship your order the next scheduled shipping day.

That’s all there is to it - straightforward and simple. I hope this program is something that helps make it easier for you to get some Ruby Rollers stock. If you have any questions please contact me and I will answer any questions I can.

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