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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ruby Rollers?

Ruby Rollers are a strain of pedigreed Birmingham Rollers established in 1993 out of Bellflower, CA. by Tony Chavarria who first started raising and flying rollers as a teenager back in the 1970's. The Ruby Roller strain has been bred as a tight family for over 25 years through various line breeding techniques and selection. Our goal is to breed rollers bred to live up to the breed performance standard.

The typical performing Ruby Roller will roll fast and deep with good quality and style. They tend to be very easy to work with and just require basic and consistent training and loft management. These can be flown in a competitive environment and hold their own or can be simply a bird for the casual hobbyist as the price has been made reasonable and affordable for persons of any income level.
1 pair of quality and well bred young bird Ruby Rollers at $100 bring you way more roll and performance than spending $50 on 5 of those cheap rollers which sale for $10 each. ROLLER-PIGEON.COM has been breeding our original Ruby Rollers strain of Birmingham Rollers for over 25 years because we love the breed and are proud to share the quality stock we've developed unlike the many "me too" feather merchants who profit from the names of old established roller families just to make a quick buck off you.
The name "Ruby" comes from the first name of Tony's mother whom he had much appreciation and respect for after she raised a family of 8 children mostly on her own with "old school" methods. Following her example, we work hard on our roller family and are dedicated to providing the best possible Birmingham Roller specimens possible!
We have much pride and years invested in our Ruby Roller strain. If you want roller stock that will produce spin you have come to the right place!  Call to order or for questions 1-417-935-4751

What Is Price of Ruby Rollers?

The price for a Young Bird Ruby Roller™ is $50 (3 months old). These are offspring out of the same breeding stock that we sell for $300 and up per pair. The price for Seed Stock is $75 (full grown adults ready to breed). Pedigrees will come with the order.





How Do I Buy Ruby Rollers?

You can place an order online by selecting your rollers from the Home Page or just by simply calling us direct at 417-935-4751 and we will take your order over the phone. You can even call us late and we might just pick up the phone! We accept all major credit cards and debit cards if it has the either the Visa or Mastercard logo. 

Waiting List Deposits: From time to time we will have a waiting list and in order to be put on this list you will need to put down a $50 deposit with the balance charged about a week before your order ships. Simply place your order and if there is a waiting list we will only charge the deposit amount of $50. Call first if you are going to pay your deposit by PayPal.

If there is no waiting list then you will be charged the full amount and your birds will ship the next shipping day (Usually Mondays). We will notify you when shipped and when they should arrive at your location.

How Do You Ship?

We usually ship on Mondays but if necessary other arrangements can be made. All USA orders are shipped by US Post Office Express Mail. Once we drop off at the post office it can take from 1 to 2 days and sometimes in rare cases a 3rd day for the shipment to arrive at your home or place of business.

Our shipping boxes meet all US postal shipping requirements. They are designed with air holes covered with special fabric to keep any matter inside the box while allowing a proper airflow to the birds inside. 

All birds are fed and watered before leaving and in good health. The birds will manage comfortably in the box for several days beyond the delivery time should there be a misdirected shipment.
However a shipment has never been lost and birds have always arrived alive and intact even when the delivery has taken longer than 2 days so no worries should there be a reasonable delay in delivery but this seldom happens.

US Express Mail Shipping Rates


US Express Mail Shipping Rates

Chart Is For Box. Bird/s and Shipping Rate

NOTE: Shipping Rates apply to all Young Birds, Breeder Stock and Seed Stock.

1 Seed Stock Bird $75 Special Box & Shipping Rate $50 TOTAL $125
2 Seed Stock Birds $150 Special Box & Shipping Rate $50 TOTAL $200
3 Seed Stock Birds $225 Special Box & Shipping Rate $70 TOTAL $295
4 Seed Stock Birds $300 Special Box & Shipping Rate $70 TOTAL $370
5 Seed Stock Birds $375 Special Box & Shipping Rate $88 TOTAL $463
6 Seed Stock Birds $450 Special Box & Shipping Rate $88 TOTAL $538
7 Seed Stock Birds $525 Special Box & Shipping Rate $88 TOTAL $613
8 Seed Stock Birds $600 Special Box & Shipping Rate $88 TOTAL $688
9 Seed Stock Birds $675 Special Box & Shipping Rate $100 TOTAL $775
10 Seed Stock Birds $750 Special Box & Shipping Rate $100 TOTAL  $850
We are now exporting again!

We ship our Ruby Rollers™ year-round, even during Winter as we breed our stock in heated lofts throughout the winter season. If you are unsure how many to start with, we recommend 1 pair. This way you can try us out. See how we work with you to ensure your birds arrive in a timely manner and in the best of health. The cost for 1 pair of our young bird Ruby Rollers™ strain of Birmingham Rollers starts as low as $100 which includes a Young Bird Ruby cock-bird and a Young Bird hen (young birds are generally 2 months to about 3 months of age), a special shipping box and complete postage. We have hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the USA. When you buy now, your order is sent by Express Mail on the next scheduled shipping day: Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday (on request only). Express Mail delivery can take from 1 and up to 3 days and in some cases as many as 4 days although this is extremely rare. There are no Money Back guarantees on Express Mail 1 Day deliveries on "Lives".

Once you buy our pigeons, our job doesn’t end there, we will continue to offer our support and help you get the most from them. With the right start, from settling young birds to flying your first kit to maximizing their rolling abilities, you will have a good time learning about and training your own kit of Birmingham Rollers. We look forward to hearing from you today!